Monday, October 1

Call off the search party, I'm still here.

In light of my recent "I just deleted half of my blog pictures" debacle, I had to step away for a little bit. The overwhelming rush of anxiety I got every time I thought about it was just too much. I hardly have time to sit down to post new entries, let alone time to go back to the very beginning & redo months worth of old ones! I was able to fix my Top 5 posts that get a lot of Pinterest traffic, but everything else is just going to have to wait. If there is an old post or recipe that you want to view that is jacked from my stupid stupid stupid mistake, then just let me know & i'll put it on the top of the list. Because that's what friends do for each other.
Speaking of friends...wanna be a friend & come over & fix my stupid stupid stupid mistake?
Oh, were not those kind of friends...I see.
No really, it's fine.
Now I know where we stand, that's all.
Anyways, "friend", here's some updates of the goings on around here-

Our learning time has been hit & miss lately. 'J' was horribly congested for over a week due to some sudden weather changes around here. With congestion also comes a pretty negative toddler attitude. My number one priority with our lessons is to keep them fun & engaging, not to force them on him. When he says he doesn't want to, then we don't. I would hate to make learning & gaining knowledge so MANDATORY that it puts a bad taste in his mouth about it all. We canceled our library day & several of our other plans on the schedule & instead lounged, got lots of fresh air, watched some movies, relaxed & took things easy. Not to say we didn't do ANY learning, but we did cut back. Now that he seems to be himself again, we'll get back on track. This morning we went on an adventure & hand delivered some homemade Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Cookies to our local firefighters at the Station! We even included a 'J' original art piece to hang on their fridge :)

Other than the congested toddler, we are also enjoying the hell company of a seriously teething baby. 'J' was a really good teether. He didn't cry all night or any of the standard things you hear about. He did give us some rough patches here & there, seeing as how he took FOR-EV-VER to get each & every tooth. But this little dude, 'A', yea...he's text book. Want an example? He was up screaming 5 times last night, & nursed every single time. It's like having a newborn again....only 21 lbs & super pissed. He has also mastered the art of the "Craugh"...cry laugh. One minute he's giggling...then cackling...then whimpering...then crying tears of sadness. Poor little dude. It's quite heart breaking. He has his 2 bottom teeth, & a 3rd bottom has just broken through. He's also on the move. Not full on crawling, but dragging that 21 lbs as far & as fast as he can.
Moving on to the bigger dude- 'J' is doing awesome with Potty Learning. He has recently been having some accidents in his bed, but most of the time we kind of already know it's going to happen. Either we let him drink too late, or our schedule was pretty messed up, or he did not feel good & could care less if he lay in his urine. BUT, overall we are still proud of how awesome he is doing. We have only had ONE accident while out of the house, & that was when we were at the zoo on the playground & I had to RUN us all the way to the other side for a bathroom & we didn't make it in time. And no...he didn't pee on me. This was a solid accident...yea, so that sucked. Recently we had to make the decision to teach him to pee outside. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Unfortunately he enjoyed it so much that he now feels confident enough to drop trou by himself when he is outside & "potty on fowers", regardless of where outside we are. So there's that.

Well, I'm sure there is more I could say, but 'J' just woke up from his nap-
duty calls!


  1. I feel your pain with the teething :( The amber necklace I have for Christian has worked really well for the most part, but I have still broken out the Tylenol for a couple of days. Hope both the boys feel better soon!

  2. :( on the teething. Loretta has her bottom two and is working on some future molars and it just barely sucks. Hoping it stays low key over here because ugh, NO! NO! NO! on the waking up to nurse 5x a night! ::long distance hug, beer, and candy bar::


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