Saturday, April 21

Craft On! Toddler gift- Part 3; {DIY Baby Legs}

Since the weather in these here parts is pretty Hot/Cold lately(literally, one day will be in the 70s, the next in the 40s) I wanted to give a fun gift that could work for both! *Lightbulb moment* BABY LEGS! In case you aren't familiar Baby Legs are a big thing in the kiddy world lately. From infant to toddler, they have several uses. Easy diaper changes without having to remove pants, protecting little knees as they learn to crawl & of course as a fun accessory to skirts or shorts :) 
But instead of buying a $15-$20 pair of trendy 'Baby Legs' I opted for some good old fashion DIY ones instead :) I found a great selection of knee high socks at Target, 2 for $5!! I have seen several different tutorials out there that give several different looks. I choose to do one with more of a bottom 'cuff'. (*this is not my design/pattern, but I looked at SO many before doing this project that I'm not certain who to give credit to...)

First I cut above & below the heal & also above the toes
Toss the heals & toes in the trash, turn the smaller pieces wrong sides together
& slip them over the socks. I sewed the edges together using a zigzag stitch
then trimmed any excess material off. Be sure to try & keep the 3 layers
together while sewing, they curl up like a mo' fo'
Ta-Da! Super FUNctional DIY 'Baby Legs'!
(well, Toddler Legs ;)
Of course I couldn't stop there, so I whipped up
a sweet little double strand headband :)
Put it all together & what do you get?
A Super Cute Spring Outfit!
Ready & waiting for the Birthday Girl

Don't think this is just for girls, though. You can find Knee High socks all over the place, even at some Dollar Stores. Just get some solid color/boyish patterns & you can make them for a little fella too! And if you want to make some for an infant or new crawler, just shorten the length of the leg before adding the cuff.

There you have it, a versatile, comfy spring outfit complete with 2 pair of custom leggings for $15!

In case you missed it, heres Part 1- Color Coins & Part 2- Travel Coloring Case :)

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