Thursday, April 19

Craft On! DIY Toddler Gift- Part 1 {Color Coins}

I have had (& still have) a lot of Toddler Birthdays lately. I have been coming up with Fun DIY gifts to give instead of an obnoxious toy or the same old same old.

This weekend we get to celebrate with our close friends, Jill & Nate & their ONE Year Old little girl 'C'! So excited!! Jill, if you are reading this, LOOK AWAY, HURRY, THERE'S STILL TIME WOMAN, LOOK AWAY!!!

Here is one of the projects I have made this week for Little 'C' :) Color Coins! In the beginning they will help her to learn colors, then she can match up the colors side by side, & eventually play the Memory Match-Up Game.
It's a super easy craft to whip together while the kids are sleeping. I got the discs from Michaels Craft Store for less than $3 & I already had the paint & clear coat spray paint in my craft supplies. 
 1.5" Wooden Discs
Rainbow paint selection:
I used White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Brown & Black

Paint one side of two discs with same color
I painted a rim with a slightly darker shade
Afterward use a clear finish Spray Paint to seal
I did two coats, front & back.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Ya'll :) (<- don't know WHERE that came from! I am NOT from the South, I'm actually in the OPPOSITE region...)

A fun, educational, grow-with-them toy that you can easily make yourself! And the bonus is, you can do many variations of this. You can paint shapes, you could glue a picture of an animal on one disk & write the name on the other, you could paint a number on one & corresponding number of dots on the other- the possibilities are huge! I plan on sewing a  little pouch to keep them in as well, then it can be tossed in the Diaper Bag for on the go fun~

This is just Part 1 of her gift, Part 2 & 3 are still to come, stay posted!

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