Monday, April 23

April Photo-a-Day Challenge, Week 3

Welcome back photo followers! Here's the results of Week 3, Enjoy~

DAY 16; Flower
The lone tulip in our front Flower Bed

DAY 17; Something you don't like
I don't like not having any clothes that fit :(
Maternity are way too big, hips don't fit into 
Pre-Baby clothes & the jeans I bought a month ago
no longer fit. Ugh.

DAY 18; Hair
Check out the sweet baby mullet/rat tail ;)

DAY 19; Orange
Just for this word prompt 'J' got to have his 2nd sucker ever, 
an Organic Orange Pop from Trader Joes :) 
A: He knew to sit down as soon as he saw it! Lol.
B: He couldn't even wait for me to take the wrapper off!
C: He stole mine & ate half of it ;)

DAY 20; Something you drew
Made this for a special little girls birthday,

DAY 21; Bottle
Date Night hangin' with my mum :)

DAY 22; Last thing you bought
It's not glamorous, but when you Cloth Diaper
it's a must- Flushable Diaper Liners!

And there you have it, Week 3. Only one week left, then its on to the Month of MAY

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