Wednesday, April 4


Very displeased with the way today is going. And when I say today, I mean that starting from 12:01 a.m. today. Which is when I fell asleep. 'Husband' had to work again last night, I finally got little 'A' settled for the night at midnight, went to bed, & was woken up just after 1am by BOTH the same time.

#1. Don't let the closed eyes fool ya', they are both awake.
#2. The time I finally call 'Hubs' to see when he will be home. Little 'A' dozed off shortly after.
#3. When I finally got 'J' back to bed.
#4. The time that Little 'A' woke back up...
and so on and so forth it continued.

I think it goes without saying...I'm a little tired...and irritable...and desperately ready for nap-time.

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