Tuesday, April 24


More than once since having Little 'A' I have heard "You're Super Mom!" & my only response is laughter. Me? Super Mom? HA!

The truth is- as much as I wish I was, I don't think I can quite wear that Badge of Honor. What they see on the surface isn't the Whole Picture. They see a pretty meal on the table, special allergen-free treats for the family, handmade gifts for friends & family, smiley happy kids in my arms...
But they don't see the massive mess of a house it's all happening in!

It all comes down to priorities, and cleaning is towards the bottom of the list. Luckily 'Husband' knows this & kind of agrees with it.
Because the things above it on the list are more important to us, it's that simple.

Before he "made an honest woman outta' me" we set a deal- If I make the meal, then he cleans up after it. And we have stuck to that ever since. And if he's too tired to clean, then he knows it will be a bigger mess the next day. I wish I could say that on those days I step up & clean it myself...but that would be a flat out lie. What's that you ask? When he cooks do I clean? ... I plead the fifth...
BUT, I have been making it a point to really kick it up a notch meal wise so that's gotta count for something, right? Right?! And I do try to make an honest effort in not making too big of a mess or using too many dishes while cooking. So there's that.
And with this new Healthy Paleo Lifestyle we have taken too, meals are #2 on the list. I set up meal plans at the beginning of the week, I do the shopping & I make the meals. This includes treats as well. I also make sure that we have a meal/treat to take with us to family functions so we can celebrate with everyone else & not feel like the losers on a "special diet". Sometimes that means I sacrifice rest time or drying my hair/doing make-up so I can prepare our food before we have to dash out the door.

Handmade items are also towards the top of the list, because, well, it saves us money. We are a family of 4 living on an income of 1, people, moneys tight yo'. We both come from large(r) families, & the bigger the family the more presents there are. Since Little 'A' arrived we have really had to reevaluate our budget in the gift area. Luckily my family has scaled back to only giving presents for parents & those under 18. His family has a different system, "PRESENTS, PRESENTS, PRESENTS!" is more of the motto over there. Even though over the past couple years we have been successful in scaling back on Christmas (no longer exchanging with aunts & uncles & pets...yes...pets!), it's still more than we can handle sometimes.
So when ever I can, I make a gift. Truth be told I actually really enjoy making/giving handmade items. I try to put a lot of thought into them & often think about the receiver as I make it. But it does take a lot more time then running to Target & grabbing a toy or shirt or the easiest of them all, a Gift Card. In the end, more time=less $$=bigger mess to clean.

What's at the top of the list?

Family Time.
I spend all day entertaining 'J' & keeping 'A' happy. Preparing food, making things, going on adventures in Kiddy Land & hoping to add HomeSchooling to the list soon.
The Hubs spends the evening playing with the boys, giving baths, cleaning the kitchen.
We spend the weekends with each other & other family/friends.

So you see, we have to make some sacrifices.
& cleaning house is on that list...along with showering, painting my nails, getting a haircut, shopping for clothes that fit (you can see where this is going, right?)
Also on that list: Finishing the kitchen re-model that has been going on for a year now, doing odd jobs around the house, keeping up with the Jones'...

And just to paint a picture of how it works:
I typed this with one hand while rocking Little 'A' & 'J' slept.
SUPER Mom? No. Multi-tasking Mom? Hells Yes.

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