Thursday, April 26

In the Red-


I went this evening to our local Red Cross Donation Center to donate. I have attempted to donate blood so many times & I have been turned down every time but once. Usually for low iron numbers & once for driving THROUGH a town while on our honeymoon.

After 'J' was born I waited the necessary 6 weeks & went in to donate. After doing the iron check- and PASSING!- they tried to talk me out of it. They said that I should think twice about donating while nursing. I thanked them for their concern, then confidently (& a little too excited..hey, I finally got the green light- I was stoked!) walked to the chair & hopped up with a smile. Everything turned out fine, I even scored a t-shirt!!!

So of course when I went in this evening I got a similar lecture, but since I am no longer a "first time mom" the tech said I knew what I was "doing". And what I was doing was saving lives, bitches! Boo-yah!  

And now I can get a new tattoo!!...then in 12 months I can donate again, but by then I will probably be pregnant again, it's a viscous cycle folks.

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