Monday, April 2

In Case of Emergency...

...Eat your dessert First.

{missing: Allergen-Free Double Chocolate Brownie...YUM}

This morning was going good, I was finally getting some tasks marked off a tragically LONG To-Do list...and then Lunch/Nap Time hit. Toddler Tantrums mixed with unhappy baby equals a recipe for chaos. I managed to get dinner in the Crock-Pot (Paleo Meatballs!) & then everything came to a halt. 


My Mum & Niece came to rally the troops & lend a hand. Hurray! 

While my niece took care of the kiddos my mum & I were able to do SO MUCH! I have to admit, things were gettin' pretty bad 'round these parts. I actually used to have a bit of an OCD "issue" with cleaning. And then we had 'J' & being a new mummy took over EVERYTHING. Kinda got back into a little bit of a groove (not much) & then we added little 'A' to the crew. Then all hell broke loose. It was getting SO bad that I started having mini anxiety attacks. 

And every weekend we would say "OK, we need to take care of this! Let's DO THIS!!" Then look at the calendar & see that we are 'fully booked' with family stuff. AGHHH! By the time we would get home Sunday night the house would be worse than it was all week!

After I had a mini Nervous Breakdown caught Spring Cleaning Fever, I knew something had to be done. It also doesn't help that we have been remodeling our kitchen for...oh... about a year. Yeah. A year. And it STILL isn't finished. But it's a lot closer than it was before. That combined with the rest of the house was just too much to take. So I bribed my mum with free hair services & cashed in an IOU from the niece & took the bull by the horns!

Man, by 4 o'clock things had really turned around. It's true what they say, "What a difference a Day makes"!

.....After my mum left I confidently went into the kitchen to prepare the spaghetti squash, was using a serrated knife to cut it...aaaaaand (I'm sure you can see where this is going...) sliced right into my middle finger. "Mother Hubbard!" (Yes, that's actually what I yelled). Took a little while to control the bleeding, then wrapped the crap out of it, took a deep breath, & went back to finish the stupid squash. The situation would have been 10x worse if my niece wasn't still helping at the house. 

Now it may be the blood-loss talking, or the confidence from a solid day of task ass-kickin', but I am most definitely having TWO brownies with my dinner tonight :)

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