Monday, April 16

Challenge Week 2- Picture Peek

Week 2 of Aprils Photo-A-Day is complete! 

But, I am sad to say that I failed :( I missed a day, which I knew was going to happen all along. The issue was that it was a picture that needed to be captured at a specific time, the sunset. Well, by that time I'm a little "foggy" & tend to remember less & forget more. But I did get the rest of the week, so there's a plus- I'm only a 1/7 failure...not a complete failure at this. So, without further ado, I give to you Week TWO:

DAY 9; Younger You
The Hubby & I at our Graduation, 12 yrs ago. 
I was only 17. Man time flies. 

DAY 10; Cold
Gone are the 65-80 degree days that we have been lucky enough to have, back is the cold chill & flurries.

DAY 11; Where you ate Breakfast
Gathered round' the table

DAY 12; Stairs
I go up & down these bad boys (15 stairs) more than a dozen times a day, sometimes carrying BOTH boys. Hey Suzanne Somers...I got your Thigh Master right here, baby!

DAY 13; Something you found
Went in the back for the first time this year & found that my backyard is in serious need of some TLC!

DAY 14; How you feel today
Tired from night Nursing, but excited to celebrate with two kiddos :)

DAY 15; Sunset

Photo Fail!

Check in next week to see Week 3's pics!

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