Friday, April 20

Craft On! DIY Toddler gift- Part 2; {Travel Color Case}

Once again, Big Ups to Pinterest for getting my creative juices flowin'. I came across this Tutorial on Handmade by Stacy Vaughn for a dvd Coloring Case! I immediately knew I would be making lots of these in my future. But I wanted to gear them more toward young toddlers, something to keep in the diaper bag/car for some Fun on the go. And as luck would have it we have a SURPLUS of old dvds in the Black Hole Basement. I picked up some fabric squares for less then $1.50 each at Walmart, a pack of Scrapbook paper & I was ready to go.

1st I took out the cover sleeve,
measured it on my decorative paper
& cut it out
Next I cut out the dvd place holder on a self-healing mat.
Be sure to slip the mat in between the plastic sleeve and hard case,
you want to keep the sleeve whole to slip the paper into.
(This proved to be harder than you imagine. Some cases
cut easier than others. Some just suck in general)
Then I took a piece of thin card board,
cut out a slightly larger piece of fabric
& glued it on with craft glue.
I cut 2 smaller strips of fabric, ran a bead of glue along the edge
& folded it over slightly to give the top a finished edge
 then glued them on to create 2 pockets.
The last part of this step is hot gluing the fabric board
into the case to cover the hole.
*Don't forget to measure your cardboard!! LOL!
I used a piece of SUPER fancy tape to affix a piece of
thin scrap cardboard to the backside
of the cover paper to help add some support where
I cut the giant hole.

I added some pieces of Construction Paper
that I cut to fit, a box of crayons & some stickers
 Slipped in the cover paper to make it all purdy

And there you have it- A cute Travel Coloring Case! I have done this also with larger Crayola Twist-Up Crayons, but it was with a single pocket & it was a snug fit. I really like the way it came out the the double pockets, high five to me!

This has moved to the top of my Go To Toddler Gift List. The only thing I needed to buy was a small piece of fabric & piece of decorative paper, everything else I already had. Next time I think I will cut out the 1st letter of the kiddo's name in the fabric and glue it to the cover paper, add a little personal touch :)

I can't wait to give this to the Birthday Girl this weekend :)
Check back tomorrow for Part 3 of her gift- DIY Baby Legs!
And if you missed Part 1 (Color Coins) Click here!

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  1. Such cute and thoughtful gifts! I am saving this one for our LONG flight coming up. I an hoping she will be so excited she will color/scribble for 9 hours!
    P.s. I loved the fabric you used for the color coin pouch! And your "baby legs" turned out way better than mine. Everytime I make her a pair, there is some gap that I have to go back and re sew.


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