Thursday, April 19

New Kids on the (Butcher) Block

Found these little gems while doing my weekly shopping at TJ's. And the best part isn't the cool factor (SMOKED Salt & Peppercorns mixed with real edible FLOWER PETALS!) or that they really transform a dish, it's the price... Wait for it... Wait for it....

Only $1.99 each!!

I've really broadened our food horizons while embarking on our new Paleo lifestyle. Trying new things, reintroducing old things in a new way, thinking differently about food altogether.
In all honesty here, I can't take full credit for the Smoked Sea Salt discovery... I have to give a Shout-Out to Amy, over at BabyBabyLemon for the heads-up on that one. After reading her post about HER Smoked Sea Salt discovery I just happen to go shopping later that night & BAM, it's sitting there on the shelf just waiting to be plucked up. I have been using it on most of my roasted Vegetables & Meats.
The Flower Pepper, well that's a different story. That was more of a "What the Eff?! Flower Pepper?! You bet your ass I'll take it!" The trick with that one is figuring out what dishes it best complements. More of a Trial & Error. For instance this morning, I made myself a quick little scramble. I cooked 1/4 lb fresh Pork Sausage from our local market, then tossed in a diced Organic Apple until it softened. Next I whipped up 3 eggs with a splash of Almond Milk, a dash of Sea Salt & the Flower Pepper, tossed that in the pan & added a slice of already cooked crumbled Bacon. It was pretty tasty. And yes...that was just for me. I ate every bit of it. (*I know what you're thinking, 'that's a lot of food, this chick must be ballooning up like the Blob!' Actually I have LOST weight. I was down to my Pre-Baby weight within a couple weeks of starting it, then traveled off the path a little with lots of Birthday celebrations & Family Gatherings...gained about 4lbs, now back in gear.)

On next weeks shopping trip I have my eye on a Pink Sea Salt, come to Mama...

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