Friday, April 13


I must say, I am appalled at the level of disrespect I see given to elders these days.

I believe part is due to Generational Ignorance & the other to poor/lack of parenting.
 I have always said I wish I was born in a different time. I would gladly give up today's iPads, smart phones, flat screens & fancy things for a time of community, a time when neighborhoods gathered for BBQs, a time full of "Yes, please" & "No, Thank you".
But most importantly, a time when we were not only taught how to be respectful, but how to earn respect from others. Some of the things I have seen lately, behavior that parents are not only allowing, but condoning, is unreal.

To this very day, there are neighbors in my parents neighborhood that I still refer to as "Mrs." & "Mr.". Even as I grew older & was given permission by them to use their first name, I still never did. I suppose I'm a different thinker.

Here's an example for you:
While hand addressing 'J's 1st birthday invites (to which we invited ALL family, friends & even Husbands Grandmothers friends that came to the Baby shower) Husband stops me halfway through & asks
"Do you have Turrets or something?"
"What? What are you talking about?"
"Well, it's just that half these invites are written in cursive, & the other half isn't."
"The cursive ones are for older guests."
"What? That makes no sense."
"Because people of the older generation appreciate when you write in cursive, trust me, it's kind of like a 'writing respect' thing."
"Whatever you say...."

Now, I'm not try to preach that I'm an angel or anything like that. I've been known to get a little more than irritated with granny drivers that can't see over the wheel (In my defense I see that not as a respect issue, but as a Public Health & Safety Issue!) but I never honk or yell at them.

Bottom line is this-
These amazing people have lived a long, HARD life. Things were not always like this. They have seen our world transform & grow, time & time again, always having to adapt or be left in the wind. They not only DESERVE our respect, they have more than EARNED it. And if they are rude, or disrespectful to you, you just take it. Can you imagine growing up in a time when you had to take the Trolley into the city to get a pair of shoes (if you were lucky enough), get a job at 11 to help out at home, say goodbye to many of your family & friends as they leave this world & now have to sit here & watch these spoiled brats demand the newest toy, sit inside all day & play video games, & mouth off without blinking an eye. I'd be grumpy too.

Shit I AM grumpy about it & I'm not even old!

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. The majority of them deserve our respect and it's their's to lose.


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