Thursday, April 26

Check please...

Sweet Mother, It's only noon & I am already anticipating bedtime.

Got up at 8am, hopped in the shower (not literal hopping...that would be reckless...), was in & out in less than 5 mins, made breakfast, ate said breakfast while nursing, got the diaper bag packed up, loaded everyone up, dropped Hubs off at work & headed to our bi-weekly trip to the store.

That last part there, that's where I went wrong. I should have left the kids with Hubs at work. Little did I know that today is 'Take Your Child to Work Day'! Damn. I figure if I take the kids to work everyday (before you say "What? I thought you didn't work?" I suggest you rethink that statement... I am a Stay At Home Mum of two kids UNDER 2, I never stop working) then one day ain't gonna kill him. Knock him down a peg or two?...maybe, but kill him? no.
Little 'A' is going through a growth spurt that he is none to pleased about. And 'J' is FINALLY cutting his bottom canines. This kid takes FOR-EV-VER to teethe. It takes MONTHS for his teeth to come through. MONTHS, people. So needless to say our little outing to the store was not met with cheers...more like tears.
Let me give you the play-by-play:
-Even though we changed 'J's diaper right before we left, he somehow managed to have a diaper malfunction in the 15 min drive & wet his pants.
-Within minutes of entering the store 'A' woke up & started throwing up all over himself.
-'A' also was very vocal that he did NOT want to be in the car seat, so I had to stop every few feet & try to distract him.
-'J' is in a mimicking phase, so he decided to copy 'A's whining...only louder.
-managed to get 'A' asleep, paid, & packed us back in the car.
-then 'A' woke up & started screaming & didn't stop till after we got home.

And worst of all? I told myself that tonight I am treating myself to a glass of wine...only to realize I am donating blood tonight. DAMN IT! Who knows, this whole "I'm going to save lives!" (or at least A life...or help a little...geez, way to burst my bubble...jerk...back to wait I was saying) thing may not pan out. I have tried for YEARS to donate blood & have only ever made it past the screening once. It was about 2 months after having 'J' & they actually tried to talk me OUT OF IT! It was the first time my iron was high enough, so I took their 'advice' about not doing it while nursing & on a special diet- threw it out the window, jumped in the Hot Seat & saved a life! (again, I am assuming I saved a life...its called Positive Thinking, don't be a Debbie Downer...)
So if I go in, & they turn me & my life saving blood away...then I am having that bottle glass of wine.


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