Thursday, April 12


Gotta love when the Kitchen Gods smile down upon you & all the ingredients to a truly delectable treat are nestled in your tiny pantry...just waiting for you, waiting for their chance to be turned into to something A.MAZE.ING!

Tonight after dinner, while Hubby was putting 'J' to bed, I whipped up some Double Chocolate 'Cakies' for dessert. Hands down, one of the tastiest treats I have made/had in a while. Big Ups to Pinterest for leading me to this little Gem. Although I made two changes- I used chunky Almond butter instead of smooth & I used Enjoy Life Allergen Free Chocolate Chunks, but other than that stuck to the SUPER easy recipe.

Not gonna lie, folks... I had more than One...a LOT more...

I'll look away as you wipe the drool off your keyboard...

1 comment:

  1. They are absolutely delicious. Better then most store bought cookies and brownies. And they're on the healthy side


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