Saturday, April 28

DIY Liquid Hand Soap

Good Afternoon, Class.

Today we are going to do a little experiment. 

We will take 8oz. of solid bar of soap (grated with a cheese grater), heat it on the stovetop in a gallon of water, stir in 2 Tbs. of Liquid Glycerine (I got mine from behind the Target Pharmacy Counter) & continue stirring until it all dissolves....
...Then we will remove it from the heat...
...And wait...
...12 hours later...
And presto! Homemade Liquid Hand Soap :) 

This picture was taken after I filled the first pump, initially it was a FULL gallon. Keep in mind that the bar soap you choose will determine the outcome of your liquid soap- i.e. if it has a lot of moisturizers it may turn out runny, if its a basic all-natural bar it may not 'suds' as much, etc.

I actually had let mine sit for over 24 hours (In hindsight I probably should have bought a funnel BEFORE I did this project...) & it was really thick, so I just took my hand mixer & whipped it a little to thin it back out & it was easier to pour.

I hope you enjoyed today's Science Experiment, next class I would love test out a DIY lotion recipe I stumbled upon!

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