Sunday, April 29

Well Shit...

You know that moment when you're getting ready to go to a function (in this case a Bridal Shower) & you're almost done drying your hair & you've used up your allotted 7 mins you get to shower, dry/style your hair & put on a little make-up (I know what you're thinking... '7 mins for all of that?! It's not possible!' & I say to you... "You are correct. Which is why I usually only do 1 out of the 3...") & you look in the mirror & start to wonder if you did indeed wash the conditioner out of your hair?

Well shit....

I guess greasy looking hair will go nicely with the razor burn you got from trying to quickly fit shaving into your 7 min time slot, the wrinkly dress you pulled out of the 'Pre-Baby' clothes bin & your 12 weeks preggo-looking bloated belly from indulging in bread & sweets the last couple days...

"Well shit" indeed.

Saturday, April 28

DIY Liquid Hand Soap

Good Afternoon, Class.

Today we are going to do a little experiment. 

We will take 8oz. of solid bar of soap (grated with a cheese grater), heat it on the stovetop in a gallon of water, stir in 2 Tbs. of Liquid Glycerine (I got mine from behind the Target Pharmacy Counter) & continue stirring until it all dissolves....
...Then we will remove it from the heat...
...And wait...
...12 hours later...
And presto! Homemade Liquid Hand Soap :) 

This picture was taken after I filled the first pump, initially it was a FULL gallon. Keep in mind that the bar soap you choose will determine the outcome of your liquid soap- i.e. if it has a lot of moisturizers it may turn out runny, if its a basic all-natural bar it may not 'suds' as much, etc.

I actually had let mine sit for over 24 hours (In hindsight I probably should have bought a funnel BEFORE I did this project...) & it was really thick, so I just took my hand mixer & whipped it a little to thin it back out & it was easier to pour.

I hope you enjoyed today's Science Experiment, next class I would love test out a DIY lotion recipe I stumbled upon!

Friday, April 27

Friday FUN Fact

Friday FUN Fact

My eye color changes from Blue to Green depending on what I'm wearing.

Every time I have had my license re-newed/updated I have switched the eye color. First time I put Blue, the next time I put Green & so on & so forth.

Thursday, April 26

In the Red-


I went this evening to our local Red Cross Donation Center to donate. I have attempted to donate blood so many times & I have been turned down every time but once. Usually for low iron numbers & once for driving THROUGH a town while on our honeymoon.

After 'J' was born I waited the necessary 6 weeks & went in to donate. After doing the iron check- and PASSING!- they tried to talk me out of it. They said that I should think twice about donating while nursing. I thanked them for their concern, then confidently (& a little too excited..hey, I finally got the green light- I was stoked!) walked to the chair & hopped up with a smile. Everything turned out fine, I even scored a t-shirt!!!

So of course when I went in this evening I got a similar lecture, but since I am no longer a "first time mom" the tech said I knew what I was "doing". And what I was doing was saving lives, bitches! Boo-yah!  

And now I can get a new tattoo!!...then in 12 months I can donate again, but by then I will probably be pregnant again, it's a viscous cycle folks.

Check please...

Sweet Mother, It's only noon & I am already anticipating bedtime.

Got up at 8am, hopped in the shower (not literal hopping...that would be reckless...), was in & out in less than 5 mins, made breakfast, ate said breakfast while nursing, got the diaper bag packed up, loaded everyone up, dropped Hubs off at work & headed to our bi-weekly trip to the store.

That last part there, that's where I went wrong. I should have left the kids with Hubs at work. Little did I know that today is 'Take Your Child to Work Day'! Damn. I figure if I take the kids to work everyday (before you say "What? I thought you didn't work?" I suggest you rethink that statement... I am a Stay At Home Mum of two kids UNDER 2, I never stop working) then one day ain't gonna kill him. Knock him down a peg or two?...maybe, but kill him? no.
Little 'A' is going through a growth spurt that he is none to pleased about. And 'J' is FINALLY cutting his bottom canines. This kid takes FOR-EV-VER to teethe. It takes MONTHS for his teeth to come through. MONTHS, people. So needless to say our little outing to the store was not met with cheers...more like tears.
Let me give you the play-by-play:
-Even though we changed 'J's diaper right before we left, he somehow managed to have a diaper malfunction in the 15 min drive & wet his pants.
-Within minutes of entering the store 'A' woke up & started throwing up all over himself.
-'A' also was very vocal that he did NOT want to be in the car seat, so I had to stop every few feet & try to distract him.
-'J' is in a mimicking phase, so he decided to copy 'A's whining...only louder.
-managed to get 'A' asleep, paid, & packed us back in the car.
-then 'A' woke up & started screaming & didn't stop till after we got home.

And worst of all? I told myself that tonight I am treating myself to a glass of wine...only to realize I am donating blood tonight. DAMN IT! Who knows, this whole "I'm going to save lives!" (or at least A life...or help a little...geez, way to burst my bubble...jerk...back to wait I was saying) thing may not pan out. I have tried for YEARS to donate blood & have only ever made it past the screening once. It was about 2 months after having 'J' & they actually tried to talk me OUT OF IT! It was the first time my iron was high enough, so I took their 'advice' about not doing it while nursing & on a special diet- threw it out the window, jumped in the Hot Seat & saved a life! (again, I am assuming I saved a life...its called Positive Thinking, don't be a Debbie Downer...)
So if I go in, & they turn me & my life saving blood away...then I am having that bottle glass of wine.


Tuesday, April 24


More than once since having Little 'A' I have heard "You're Super Mom!" & my only response is laughter. Me? Super Mom? HA!

The truth is- as much as I wish I was, I don't think I can quite wear that Badge of Honor. What they see on the surface isn't the Whole Picture. They see a pretty meal on the table, special allergen-free treats for the family, handmade gifts for friends & family, smiley happy kids in my arms...
But they don't see the massive mess of a house it's all happening in!

It all comes down to priorities, and cleaning is towards the bottom of the list. Luckily 'Husband' knows this & kind of agrees with it.
Because the things above it on the list are more important to us, it's that simple.

Before he "made an honest woman outta' me" we set a deal- If I make the meal, then he cleans up after it. And we have stuck to that ever since. And if he's too tired to clean, then he knows it will be a bigger mess the next day. I wish I could say that on those days I step up & clean it myself...but that would be a flat out lie. What's that you ask? When he cooks do I clean? ... I plead the fifth...
BUT, I have been making it a point to really kick it up a notch meal wise so that's gotta count for something, right? Right?! And I do try to make an honest effort in not making too big of a mess or using too many dishes while cooking. So there's that.
And with this new Healthy Paleo Lifestyle we have taken too, meals are #2 on the list. I set up meal plans at the beginning of the week, I do the shopping & I make the meals. This includes treats as well. I also make sure that we have a meal/treat to take with us to family functions so we can celebrate with everyone else & not feel like the losers on a "special diet". Sometimes that means I sacrifice rest time or drying my hair/doing make-up so I can prepare our food before we have to dash out the door.

Handmade items are also towards the top of the list, because, well, it saves us money. We are a family of 4 living on an income of 1, people, moneys tight yo'. We both come from large(r) families, & the bigger the family the more presents there are. Since Little 'A' arrived we have really had to reevaluate our budget in the gift area. Luckily my family has scaled back to only giving presents for parents & those under 18. His family has a different system, "PRESENTS, PRESENTS, PRESENTS!" is more of the motto over there. Even though over the past couple years we have been successful in scaling back on Christmas (no longer exchanging with aunts & uncles & pets...yes...pets!), it's still more than we can handle sometimes.
So when ever I can, I make a gift. Truth be told I actually really enjoy making/giving handmade items. I try to put a lot of thought into them & often think about the receiver as I make it. But it does take a lot more time then running to Target & grabbing a toy or shirt or the easiest of them all, a Gift Card. In the end, more time=less $$=bigger mess to clean.

What's at the top of the list?

Family Time.
I spend all day entertaining 'J' & keeping 'A' happy. Preparing food, making things, going on adventures in Kiddy Land & hoping to add HomeSchooling to the list soon.
The Hubs spends the evening playing with the boys, giving baths, cleaning the kitchen.
We spend the weekends with each other & other family/friends.

So you see, we have to make some sacrifices.
& cleaning house is on that list...along with showering, painting my nails, getting a haircut, shopping for clothes that fit (you can see where this is going, right?)
Also on that list: Finishing the kitchen re-model that has been going on for a year now, doing odd jobs around the house, keeping up with the Jones'...

And just to paint a picture of how it works:
I typed this with one hand while rocking Little 'A' & 'J' slept.
SUPER Mom? No. Multi-tasking Mom? Hells Yes.

Monday, April 23

April Photo-a-Day Challenge, Week 3

Welcome back photo followers! Here's the results of Week 3, Enjoy~

DAY 16; Flower
The lone tulip in our front Flower Bed

DAY 17; Something you don't like
I don't like not having any clothes that fit :(
Maternity are way too big, hips don't fit into 
Pre-Baby clothes & the jeans I bought a month ago
no longer fit. Ugh.

DAY 18; Hair
Check out the sweet baby mullet/rat tail ;)

DAY 19; Orange
Just for this word prompt 'J' got to have his 2nd sucker ever, 
an Organic Orange Pop from Trader Joes :) 
A: He knew to sit down as soon as he saw it! Lol.
B: He couldn't even wait for me to take the wrapper off!
C: He stole mine & ate half of it ;)

DAY 20; Something you drew
Made this for a special little girls birthday,

DAY 21; Bottle
Date Night hangin' with my mum :)

DAY 22; Last thing you bought
It's not glamorous, but when you Cloth Diaper
it's a must- Flushable Diaper Liners!

And there you have it, Week 3. Only one week left, then its on to the Month of MAY

Saturday, April 21

Craft On! Toddler gift- Part 3; {DIY Baby Legs}

Since the weather in these here parts is pretty Hot/Cold lately(literally, one day will be in the 70s, the next in the 40s) I wanted to give a fun gift that could work for both! *Lightbulb moment* BABY LEGS! In case you aren't familiar Baby Legs are a big thing in the kiddy world lately. From infant to toddler, they have several uses. Easy diaper changes without having to remove pants, protecting little knees as they learn to crawl & of course as a fun accessory to skirts or shorts :) 
But instead of buying a $15-$20 pair of trendy 'Baby Legs' I opted for some good old fashion DIY ones instead :) I found a great selection of knee high socks at Target, 2 for $5!! I have seen several different tutorials out there that give several different looks. I choose to do one with more of a bottom 'cuff'. (*this is not my design/pattern, but I looked at SO many before doing this project that I'm not certain who to give credit to...)

First I cut above & below the heal & also above the toes
Toss the heals & toes in the trash, turn the smaller pieces wrong sides together
& slip them over the socks. I sewed the edges together using a zigzag stitch
then trimmed any excess material off. Be sure to try & keep the 3 layers
together while sewing, they curl up like a mo' fo'
Ta-Da! Super FUNctional DIY 'Baby Legs'!
(well, Toddler Legs ;)
Of course I couldn't stop there, so I whipped up
a sweet little double strand headband :)
Put it all together & what do you get?
A Super Cute Spring Outfit!
Ready & waiting for the Birthday Girl

Don't think this is just for girls, though. You can find Knee High socks all over the place, even at some Dollar Stores. Just get some solid color/boyish patterns & you can make them for a little fella too! And if you want to make some for an infant or new crawler, just shorten the length of the leg before adding the cuff.

There you have it, a versatile, comfy spring outfit complete with 2 pair of custom leggings for $15!

In case you missed it, heres Part 1- Color Coins & Part 2- Travel Coloring Case :)

Friday, April 20

Craft On! DIY Toddler gift- Part 2; {Travel Color Case}

Once again, Big Ups to Pinterest for getting my creative juices flowin'. I came across this Tutorial on Handmade by Stacy Vaughn for a dvd Coloring Case! I immediately knew I would be making lots of these in my future. But I wanted to gear them more toward young toddlers, something to keep in the diaper bag/car for some Fun on the go. And as luck would have it we have a SURPLUS of old dvds in the Black Hole Basement. I picked up some fabric squares for less then $1.50 each at Walmart, a pack of Scrapbook paper & I was ready to go.

1st I took out the cover sleeve,
measured it on my decorative paper
& cut it out
Next I cut out the dvd place holder on a self-healing mat.
Be sure to slip the mat in between the plastic sleeve and hard case,
you want to keep the sleeve whole to slip the paper into.
(This proved to be harder than you imagine. Some cases
cut easier than others. Some just suck in general)
Then I took a piece of thin card board,
cut out a slightly larger piece of fabric
& glued it on with craft glue.
I cut 2 smaller strips of fabric, ran a bead of glue along the edge
& folded it over slightly to give the top a finished edge
 then glued them on to create 2 pockets.
The last part of this step is hot gluing the fabric board
into the case to cover the hole.
*Don't forget to measure your cardboard!! LOL!
I used a piece of SUPER fancy tape to affix a piece of
thin scrap cardboard to the backside
of the cover paper to help add some support where
I cut the giant hole.

I added some pieces of Construction Paper
that I cut to fit, a box of crayons & some stickers
 Slipped in the cover paper to make it all purdy

And there you have it- A cute Travel Coloring Case! I have done this also with larger Crayola Twist-Up Crayons, but it was with a single pocket & it was a snug fit. I really like the way it came out the the double pockets, high five to me!

This has moved to the top of my Go To Toddler Gift List. The only thing I needed to buy was a small piece of fabric & piece of decorative paper, everything else I already had. Next time I think I will cut out the 1st letter of the kiddo's name in the fabric and glue it to the cover paper, add a little personal touch :)

I can't wait to give this to the Birthday Girl this weekend :)
Check back tomorrow for Part 3 of her gift- DIY Baby Legs!
And if you missed Part 1 (Color Coins) Click here!

Thursday, April 19

Craft On! DIY Toddler Gift- Part 1 {Color Coins}

I have had (& still have) a lot of Toddler Birthdays lately. I have been coming up with Fun DIY gifts to give instead of an obnoxious toy or the same old same old.

This weekend we get to celebrate with our close friends, Jill & Nate & their ONE Year Old little girl 'C'! So excited!! Jill, if you are reading this, LOOK AWAY, HURRY, THERE'S STILL TIME WOMAN, LOOK AWAY!!!

Here is one of the projects I have made this week for Little 'C' :) Color Coins! In the beginning they will help her to learn colors, then she can match up the colors side by side, & eventually play the Memory Match-Up Game.
It's a super easy craft to whip together while the kids are sleeping. I got the discs from Michaels Craft Store for less than $3 & I already had the paint & clear coat spray paint in my craft supplies. 
 1.5" Wooden Discs
Rainbow paint selection:
I used White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Brown & Black

Paint one side of two discs with same color
I painted a rim with a slightly darker shade
Afterward use a clear finish Spray Paint to seal
I did two coats, front & back.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Ya'll :) (<- don't know WHERE that came from! I am NOT from the South, I'm actually in the OPPOSITE region...)

A fun, educational, grow-with-them toy that you can easily make yourself! And the bonus is, you can do many variations of this. You can paint shapes, you could glue a picture of an animal on one disk & write the name on the other, you could paint a number on one & corresponding number of dots on the other- the possibilities are huge! I plan on sewing a  little pouch to keep them in as well, then it can be tossed in the Diaper Bag for on the go fun~

This is just Part 1 of her gift, Part 2 & 3 are still to come, stay posted!

New Kids on the (Butcher) Block

Found these little gems while doing my weekly shopping at TJ's. And the best part isn't the cool factor (SMOKED Salt & Peppercorns mixed with real edible FLOWER PETALS!) or that they really transform a dish, it's the price... Wait for it... Wait for it....

Only $1.99 each!!

I've really broadened our food horizons while embarking on our new Paleo lifestyle. Trying new things, reintroducing old things in a new way, thinking differently about food altogether.
In all honesty here, I can't take full credit for the Smoked Sea Salt discovery... I have to give a Shout-Out to Amy, over at BabyBabyLemon for the heads-up on that one. After reading her post about HER Smoked Sea Salt discovery I just happen to go shopping later that night & BAM, it's sitting there on the shelf just waiting to be plucked up. I have been using it on most of my roasted Vegetables & Meats.
The Flower Pepper, well that's a different story. That was more of a "What the Eff?! Flower Pepper?! You bet your ass I'll take it!" The trick with that one is figuring out what dishes it best complements. More of a Trial & Error. For instance this morning, I made myself a quick little scramble. I cooked 1/4 lb fresh Pork Sausage from our local market, then tossed in a diced Organic Apple until it softened. Next I whipped up 3 eggs with a splash of Almond Milk, a dash of Sea Salt & the Flower Pepper, tossed that in the pan & added a slice of already cooked crumbled Bacon. It was pretty tasty. And yes...that was just for me. I ate every bit of it. (*I know what you're thinking, 'that's a lot of food, this chick must be ballooning up like the Blob!' Actually I have LOST weight. I was down to my Pre-Baby weight within a couple weeks of starting it, then traveled off the path a little with lots of Birthday celebrations & Family Gatherings...gained about 4lbs, now back in gear.)

On next weeks shopping trip I have my eye on a Pink Sea Salt, come to Mama...

Monday, April 16

Challenge Week 2- Picture Peek

Week 2 of Aprils Photo-A-Day is complete! 

But, I am sad to say that I failed :( I missed a day, which I knew was going to happen all along. The issue was that it was a picture that needed to be captured at a specific time, the sunset. Well, by that time I'm a little "foggy" & tend to remember less & forget more. But I did get the rest of the week, so there's a plus- I'm only a 1/7 failure...not a complete failure at this. So, without further ado, I give to you Week TWO:

DAY 9; Younger You
The Hubby & I at our Graduation, 12 yrs ago. 
I was only 17. Man time flies. 

DAY 10; Cold
Gone are the 65-80 degree days that we have been lucky enough to have, back is the cold chill & flurries.

DAY 11; Where you ate Breakfast
Gathered round' the table

DAY 12; Stairs
I go up & down these bad boys (15 stairs) more than a dozen times a day, sometimes carrying BOTH boys. Hey Suzanne Somers...I got your Thigh Master right here, baby!

DAY 13; Something you found
Went in the back for the first time this year & found that my backyard is in serious need of some TLC!

DAY 14; How you feel today
Tired from night Nursing, but excited to celebrate with two kiddos :)

DAY 15; Sunset

Photo Fail!

Check in next week to see Week 3's pics!

Friday, April 13

Craft On! {Crocheted Baby Boy Cap}

Look at the cute little cap I whipped up for Little 'A' :)

After making all the baby boy hats for our friends, I realized I didn't make MY baby boy one! So last night I made this little number. I'm pretty pleased with the way it came out too. We officially tested it out outside today & the brim does a fine job of keeping the rays out of his face.

And for the first time ever in history, I wrote down the pattern! Well, not so much wrote down as 'took mental notes'...
Bear with me here folks, this is the first time I've written a pattern. I have a habit of just 'going with the flow' & crossing my fingers that it works. I'd say 8 out of 10 times I'm not cursing myself for it. Not bad if you ask me, which technically you kind of did when you came on my blog, just sayin'...

I used Lion Brand WOOL-EASE, Worsted Weight Yarn in (194) Denim Twist with an I/9 - 5.5MM Hook. This size is for 3-6mo. But you can always adjust it by using a smaller/bigger size hook & adding or removing a row.
sc-Single Crochet
hdc-Half Double Crochet
dc-Double Crochet
tr-Triple Crochet
sl st- Slip Stitch
blo- back loop only

Row 1: in magic ring, dc 11, sl st to join.
Row 2: ch 2, 2dc in each st, sl st to join (22)
Row 3: ch 2, 2dc in same st as joining, dc in next st, *2dc in next st, dc in next st, repeat from * around, sl st to join (33)
Row 4: ch 2, 2dc in same st, dc in next 2 sts, *2dc in next st, dc in next 2 sts, repeat from * around, sl st to join. (44)
Row 5-8: ch2, dc in same st & each st around, sl st to join. (44)
Row 9 & 10: ch 2, dc in blo of same st, dc in blo of each st around, sl st to join. (44)
Row 11 (brim row): sc in same st, sc in next 10 sts (11 total), hdc in next 3 sts, dc in next 3 sts, 2tr in next 10 sts, dc in next 3 sts, hdc in next 3 sts, sc in final 11 sts, fasten off & weave in ends.

Again, that right there is my first attempt at writing a pattern, let me know if you have any problems with it. And let me know if you make something :) I would love for you to use it, but please give my site credit for the pattern.


I must say, I am appalled at the level of disrespect I see given to elders these days.

I believe part is due to Generational Ignorance & the other to poor/lack of parenting.
 I have always said I wish I was born in a different time. I would gladly give up today's iPads, smart phones, flat screens & fancy things for a time of community, a time when neighborhoods gathered for BBQs, a time full of "Yes, please" & "No, Thank you".
But most importantly, a time when we were not only taught how to be respectful, but how to earn respect from others. Some of the things I have seen lately, behavior that parents are not only allowing, but condoning, is unreal.

To this very day, there are neighbors in my parents neighborhood that I still refer to as "Mrs." & "Mr.". Even as I grew older & was given permission by them to use their first name, I still never did. I suppose I'm a different thinker.

Here's an example for you:
While hand addressing 'J's 1st birthday invites (to which we invited ALL family, friends & even Husbands Grandmothers friends that came to the Baby shower) Husband stops me halfway through & asks
"Do you have Turrets or something?"
"What? What are you talking about?"
"Well, it's just that half these invites are written in cursive, & the other half isn't."
"The cursive ones are for older guests."
"What? That makes no sense."
"Because people of the older generation appreciate when you write in cursive, trust me, it's kind of like a 'writing respect' thing."
"Whatever you say...."

Now, I'm not try to preach that I'm an angel or anything like that. I've been known to get a little more than irritated with granny drivers that can't see over the wheel (In my defense I see that not as a respect issue, but as a Public Health & Safety Issue!) but I never honk or yell at them.

Bottom line is this-
These amazing people have lived a long, HARD life. Things were not always like this. They have seen our world transform & grow, time & time again, always having to adapt or be left in the wind. They not only DESERVE our respect, they have more than EARNED it. And if they are rude, or disrespectful to you, you just take it. Can you imagine growing up in a time when you had to take the Trolley into the city to get a pair of shoes (if you were lucky enough), get a job at 11 to help out at home, say goodbye to many of your family & friends as they leave this world & now have to sit here & watch these spoiled brats demand the newest toy, sit inside all day & play video games, & mouth off without blinking an eye. I'd be grumpy too.

Shit I AM grumpy about it & I'm not even old!

Thursday, April 12


Gotta love when the Kitchen Gods smile down upon you & all the ingredients to a truly delectable treat are nestled in your tiny pantry...just waiting for you, waiting for their chance to be turned into to something A.MAZE.ING!

Tonight after dinner, while Hubby was putting 'J' to bed, I whipped up some Double Chocolate 'Cakies' for dessert. Hands down, one of the tastiest treats I have made/had in a while. Big Ups to Pinterest for leading me to this little Gem. Although I made two changes- I used chunky Almond butter instead of smooth & I used Enjoy Life Allergen Free Chocolate Chunks, but other than that stuck to the SUPER easy recipe.

Not gonna lie, folks... I had more than One...a LOT more...

I'll look away as you wipe the drool off your keyboard...

Jury duty....or Jury DON'T


Super frustrated with our Court System. 

I got my summons for Jury Duty last year, but we had already purchased our tickets/planned our vaca for FL that was at the same time. They gave me a postponement. Then I got my 2nd summons & was put on bedrest right before, faxed a doctors note & got my 2nd & last postponement.

Which brings us to the present. I got my orders in the mail again today. For May 14th. I see several issues here, but the most important is this:

I am Exclusively Breastfeeding.

Knowing I can't bring Little 'A' with me to the Court House, I called anyway to see how this is supposed to work out. They offer no solutions, other than I should 'just pump'. Here's my issue with that 'advice'- not EVERY nursing mother either A) wants to nor should be forced to pump or B) has enough supply to nurse her child/children all day AND pump extra milk for reserves. 

She asks, "Well, do you live close?"
I answer, "No, I live in ____"
"Oh, yea thats not close at all."
"No, and I will have to drive to _____ _____ for child care"
"Oh my!"
" thoughts exactly"
"If it's any consolation we do have a fridge you could put pumped milk in"
" it's not. But thank you for your time"
-End of conversation- 

So this is where it stands as of now:

-I will have to drive from my house in ____, in rush hour traffic 30+ mins to ____ ____ for my parents to (hopefully) watch the boys, then another 30+ or so to the courthouse & be there by 8:30am until 5pm where I will have to drive in rush hour AGAIN back to ____ ____ to pick them up, & back to my house. 
-If I am chosen as a Juror I will have to do this multiple times.
-I am going to have to start pumping NOW to try & get enough reserves stored.
-I am expected to pump while I am there & store my infants milk in a community fridge where anyone can have access to it.
-Both Little 'A' & I are expected to endure physical discomfort for the duration of this stint.

My compensation for ALL of this? A maximum of $25 for the 1st day, $40 for days after that and $0.10/mi from my house to the court house....which will be $4.40.

I'm sorry, but that just doesn't cut it in my mind. First off that is NOT enough to cover childcare for 2 children from 8a-6p. And with gas at $4.00+ a gallon, that does NOT cover my travel to & fro.

What I am most upset about is the forced pumping issue. I have spent the past 2 months trying to correct a milk imbalance that was wreaking havoc on poor Little 'A's digestive system. We are finally in a good place. And regardless of what anyone says, pumping and nursing are NOT the same thing. A plastic pump does not extract milk nor release key hormones the way your child does. Furthermore your child tends to only release certain milk ducts, which your body adjusts too. A pump does them all. So you tend to get engorged (at least I do) when switching back and forth randomly.

Very Displeased at the moment. And believe you me, someone is going to get an earful about it when the time comes.

Wednesday, April 11


You know that moment when the kids are asleep, you can't stop complaining about how UNbelievably tired you are & yet you can't for the life of you drag your ass to bed? That moment is now.

Do I have more productive plans in store for my precious evening hours?

So what's stopping me?
The fact that I would have to actually get up, brush my teeth, & go to bed.

Just can't seem to wrap my head around that first part there...getting up. I imagine at some point I'm going to have to give in & just do it....or just sleep on the couch. Yea, Plan B ain't lookin' too shabby right about now...


Tuesday, April 10

Hats off to you

As I mentioned before, I was on a mission to give homemade baby gifts to all the new arrivals of our Baby Group. Well, as luck would have it, one of the mums posted a Group Meeting for this Wednesday. Perfect! Only problem was I needed to re-make ALL of the gifts because the Newborns I had crafted them for are now 2-3 months old! 

I made the newest little Girl her hat this past weekend & was able to deliver just before Easter. That left 4 boy gifts. I wanted them to all look a little different, but when it comes to boy hats that doesn't leave much wiggle room. Also....I have a tendency to make it up as I go...doesn't always turn out in my favor. If I had a couple more days I would probably re-do one, but this will do for now.

Little 'A' was kind enough to model them for you fine folks to see~
Hat for "Baby R"
Hat for "Baby C"
Hat for "Baby B"
And last, but not least, a hat for a little guy still Bakin' in the Oven :) 

Sunday, April 8

Let's Eat!

Since we are fairly new to the Paleo Lifestyle*, I thought I would give you a peak into our new world :)

Here is this past weeks dinner Menu~

Paleo Crockpot Meatballs over Spaghetti Squash with a side salad

Crockpot Roasted Chicken & Gravy with mashed cauliflower & honey coconut carrots on the side. *Also had mashed potatoes for our dinner guest.

And broiled fresh pineapple topped with mini chocolate chips & toasted coconut, drizzled with honey with an allergen free brownie on the side :)

Homemade chicken nuggets with roasted lemon Garlic Broccoli and apple sauce
Pork Chops topped with Spiced Apples & Pears, seamed spinach & a salad on the side

Salmon with roasted zucchini & honey coconut carrots on the side

Marinated Char-grilled Steak topped with Butter Garlic Mushrooms, with mini zucchinis & Garlic Roasted Sweet Potatoes on the side
Easter Dinner(s) with our families :)
{We followed the 'diet' & ate only the meats & vegetables offered that were fresh/not processed.}

*We do not follow the Paleo Lifestyle 100%, yet. But we follow it about 95%. If we are in a situation where there is not appropriate food available, we will make do with what is offered. Also, we often make Allergen Free Brownies for 'J' when we go to a Birthday Party so he can join in the cake & ice cream fun, and usually end up eating them as well.
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