Friday, June 1

Craft On! {Marital Mugs; Shower/Wedding gift}

It's that time of year again... Wedding Season! 

Our family friends are getting married today, & since they are such a fun couple I wanted to give them a fun little something for their special day. I saw this "pin" a while back & stored it in my memory bank (& since I'm running out of room in there I had to get rid of something...I don't need to remember long division anymore, right?)

And being that things have been pretty busy round these parts lately (as I'm sure you noticed with the lack of posts that have been going up...more on that in another post), I had to save it until the very last minute...late at night the eve of the wedding. It always make me mad when I do this because then I am rushing & my eyes don't focus as well because it's late & it's never as good as I know it could have been. Oh well. It's done. It took a few minutes to get the creative juices flowing, but I eventually found my groove. 

I decided to take the original idea- HIS & HERS mugs, & make them more of a symbol of their new adventure together... Mr & Mrs Mugs. I bought 2 white coffee mugs from Target (you could even check a thrift store or dollar store for some nice mugs!) & an Enamel paint from Michael's Craft Store in Licorice. The total was less than $10.
First I wiped the areas to be painted 
down with some Alcohol Prep Pads 
(hope no one gets injured anytime soon...
they came from the medicine cabinet...)
Then I hand painted each one, this took a few tries.
When I did a shitty job wasn't satisfied I wiped it off again
with an alcohol pad. I tried with water but it made it worse.
I let them dry over night, then followed the paint directions 
& set them in a cold oven, turned it to 350, let them bake for
30 mins, then let them cool in the oven. And...
TA-DA!! Mr. & Mrs. Mugs :)
On the back of His (Morning Beautiful) I wrote "Do you?"
& on Hers (Hello Handsome) it says "I do!"

Then to really personalize it I wrote the 
wedding date on the base of the handle,
no excuses for ever forgetting it now! lol

True story, I have actually had to ask the Hubs "wait...when is our anniversary? Its the 4th, right?" The look in his eyes told me loud & clear that I was wrong, HAHA! I am not very good with dates, I suppose it may be another area that I toss out to make room for more craft idea storage...

I just noticed when I glanced at these pics again that I ASSUMED they were right handed...& now that I have permanently baked that assumption in the oven for 30 mins they will both end up being LEFT handed! Then these cups go from Marital mugs to Ego Boosting cups...

In case its early & you haven't had your coffee yet I'll paint you a picture...

The words will be facing THEM, not their spouse, so every time they pick up their mug for a sip of joe' they will see "Morning Beautiful" or "Hello Handsome"! LOL! Oh well, good thing I put the proposal on the back...which may now be the front....

Well, I better get my butt in gear, I have a wedding to get ready for!
Until next time, Craft On friends, Craft On!


  1. These mugs are darling!! We are so glad you joined our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday". We love to see all of the great recipes and ideas!! Thanks and we hope to see you again next week! -The Sisters

  2. Would you be willing to make a set of these to sell?


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