Tuesday, June 5


Hey there strangers

Things have really picked up the pace over here, as I'm sure you've figured out with the lack of posts the past few weeks. Time just seems to be flying by. One minute I'm updating with a new blog post, I go to bed, wake up & a whole week seems to have passed overnight! Man wouldn't that be nice? Sleeping for a week. Sometimes I envy Sleeping Beauty...all that uninterrupted slumber. Can you get a prescription for medically induced comas? I should look into that...
Anyway, they say a picture speaks a thousand words, so I thought that would be the easiest way to catch you up :) By my calculations, this should "speak" 32,000 words...

Now if you already follow me on Instagram (& if you don't, then why not?!its 'mama_kat', follow up ya hear), then most of this may seem like deja vu...but there may also be a few new ones in there too :) Only one way to find out- take a looksee!

Lots of family time. Thats always at the top of the list.

We had a bit of a heat wave (even a record setting HIGH!),
 which mean lots of fun in the sun!
Playing in the pool, the fun Kiddie Car Wash, 
& lots of naked time ;)

We took lots of walks, set out on new adventures & explored the zoo!

One of my favorite people treated me to a day at the salon!!! 
It was the best post-baby gift ever :)

We Planned, Prepped & Planted 
'The Garden 2012"!! 'J' even helped! (sort of...lol)

Girl or Boy, it doesn't matter, it's always fun to paint your nails ;)

I finally got some organizing done in my new craft area. 
It was long overdue.

Speaking of crafts, the invitations are 
under way for 'J's Camping Party!!

Lot's of play time, some solo...some with a brother ;)

I gave in to peer-pressure & signed up for a Women's Outdoor Bootcamp. It's 3 days a weeks...at 5:30am...what was I thinking?!?!?

'J' was featured as a model on a great new shop on Etsy!! Check out NowThatsNifty & see for yourself :) 'A' was featured as a newborn on a photography prop Etsy Shop. Now both my boys are models!

'J' made his first 'T' while working on our letters. 
I was so proud, as was he! 

We went to our Local Memorial Day Parade. 
It is Michigan's longest running parade. 
My grandfather, father & brother all served in their generations war, 
I always get choked up at this event.

'J' has shown a lot of interest in using a 
potty lately, so we're following his lead 
& practicing our doodling skills at the same time.

'A' upgraded to his big boy convertible car seat! 
He has gotten SO big that it was a tight fight in the infant carrier, 
not to mention breaking my arm/back carrying him in it!

The Hubs & I joined his family in celebrating 
the union of a super cute, ultra fun couple. We had a blast! 
We clean up pretty well, don't 'cha think?

And last but not least, playing in the kitchen. Some are winners...some...not so much...

There you have it, a look into how we pass the time. Hopefully we can get in to a summer groove that includes time for me to post more frequently again! Wouldn't that be nice? ;)

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