Thursday, July 12

Has it already been 730 days?

That went fast.

I mean, I know they say
"You just watch, before you know it they'll be grown"
"They grow in the blink of an eye"
"They aren't that small forever"
and the like, but it's incomprehensible until you are face to face with it-
time flies.
But man, have we had fun.

*Warning: Quick flashback mini monologue approaching*

'J' was not an "easy" pregnancy, neither before nor after. We faced some issues actually getting pregnant, then faced more issues staying pregnant near the end, then he was stuck sideways & needed a cesarean section to get him out, THEN I had a severe allergic reaction to the medical grade liquid adhesive they used on my sutures & it was a very uncomfortable recovery. And I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I cherished ever single day of his pregnancy. Because I was given the most amazing reward for it all, my little Dude. His presence has changed more than just our lives, he has changed the lives of everyone around us.

Ok, back to the present.

This little dude amazes me on a daily basis. I swear, it's like the clock struck 24 months & he added a truck load of new words to his repertoire. He is speaking in small sentences now & understanding (almost) everything coming out of my mouth. We have conversations, guys, CONVERSATIONS. And he also thinks he's funny now, which in turn ends up being funnier than what he was doing in the first place. And smart! You can see the wheels turning in there non stop. He knows his ABCs, can count from 1-10 & is fantastic with problem solving & puzzles. And this was all well before he even turned 2!

So in honor of this wonderful occasion we did the only appropriate thing parents can do, we partied. We said before having kids that the 1st birthday would be BIG, everyone we know on the invite list kinda BIG. (And man did this dude have a sweet 1st birthday party, people are still talking about it. Full blown mini MAN party with mini food, 'staches & ties all around!) But then just immediate family after that, until the 18th Birthday. But just because the guest list is cut short doesn't mean the party is.


That was the theme. A good ole' fashion Camp Out party in the backyard.
Please don't ask how I came up with it, I literally have no clue. It just popped in my head & I thought "Ya know, that could work..."
Did people stay overnight? No.
Were sleeping bags involved? No.
Was there a tent? If you count covering most of the backyard in a GIANT sheet-fort a tent...then YES THERE WAS!

Here are some of the Highlights:

*I know you are dying for the details, so click *HERE* to get the low down!

You know that moment right before the guests arrive when you are checking off your mental list/hoping you didn't forget something/trying to get the last minute things done/crossing your fingers it doesn't start thunder storming like the Weather Channel predicted/running in circles/wondering if they will have a good time & if it will all work out like you imagined it? I hate that moment. Being the Type A person I am, I loathe that moment. Of course there are going to be bumps in the road. Something unplanned ALWAYS happens (thats why I actually plan for it so that I freak out less when it happens), in our case we lost power on Wednesday, it didn't come back on until Friday & we lost all the meat for the party & had to re-buy it all friday evening. THEN friday night the Fire Dept showed up because the transformer in our next door neighbors backyard was leaking & smoking. THEN they were calling for severe thunderstorms & 100* heat for Saturday, party day. But we forged on, preparing Plan B, Plan C & Plan D just in case.

But it all worked out!
No rain!
Everyone survived the heat!
And most importantly, 'J' had an amazing day!

And the 'icing on the cake'?
'J' got to have his first piece (EVER) of Birthday Cake! I made a completely Dairy-Free S'mores Pie-Cake that knocked it outta the park.

Some people may look at all this as 'Over the Top'. And that's fine. Everyone's different & so are their priorities. But the way we see it, is that we had to work real hard to have our kids, & by golly we're gonna celebrate them as much as we can. Their birthday is an Anniversary of the day they fully entered our lives & our family, & that is definitely deserving of 'Over the Top' in our books.

So here's to you, 'J', two years down & many more to go~

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