Tuesday, July 31

20 Chore Tuesday! (UPDATED!)

I've been following Emily & her adorable family over at Joyful Abode for almost two years now. And have been seeing her post her #20choretuesday challenges on Instagram time & time again. Well, its about time I challenged myself! I'm no stranger to lists, as you know, but 20 "chores" in one day with two little tots stuck to me seemed a little out of my reach. 

Not today! Today I am going to challenge myself to the max! Today will either end with a victory drink...or lots & lots of tears... it could go either way folks.

And its perfect timing seeing as how a "just got home from camping" bomb went off in the house. Speaking of our Camping Adventure, I promise to get a post up soon about that. It certainly was an adventure :)

Ok, enough stalling, lets get down to business here. I've made "the list", I've written a post about "the list", I am linking up "the list" with Emily to really put the pressure on to actually attempt/finish "the list", & finally I am sharing "the list" with YOU. 

Here is "the list":
I am going to try & update throughout the day, or at least at the end of the day so don't forget to check back!
Also, if you don't see any activity on this blog for a while...maybe call the authorities...just in case "the list" won the battle...
20 chore tuesday
The day is coming to a close, & I am happy to announce... that I earned a special drink tonight!Yep I finished it all. Oh yea, in yo' face house of chaos!
 Things were coming along nicely, checking things off the list left & right.
 Then Alistair decided he did not, in fact, want to continue to nap. So we tried out a "back carry" in the Ergo for the first time. He chilled back there, enjoying the view, while I kept at it.
 Little by little the list got shorter & shorter. And even though I had an allergy flair up really bad last night, & am still completely congested, I am proud that I was able to keep up with the challenge. Now I can sit on my butt until next Tuesday...lol! You should join the challenge too! Link up with Joyful Abode or hashtag #20choretuesday on InstaGram so we can help cheer you on :)

Bottom Line: I feel proud & the house feels cleaner, its a win/win :)


  1. hmm, maybe i'll try this one day ... maybe .. ;)

    1. You know you want to! Come on, I challenge you to join next week...I double dog dare ya ;)

  2. SWEET! I got ALMOST my whole list done. I couldn't find the hedge trimmers to prune my rose bush, and didn't make my media kit... SO CLOSE. but I had a victory drink anyway. :) We got a LOT done!

    1. Yay!! And yours is an even bigger accomplishment since Joey isn't napping much! Great Job Momma!! Of course you would never know it by the looks of the house today, but last night it was shining :)


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