Thursday, July 12

Camping Out, a look inside the tent~

The invites went out, the guests arrived, the party was a hit!

Now here's a closer look at all the little details, the behind the scenes of Camp Jammer. I should mention that we didn't have a big budget for this shindig, but we always enjoy making, thifting, recycling whatever we can so the $0 small budget wasn't really a concern. The majority of the money was spent on food, as is usually the case. Speaking of food...

Mini bags of Better Made Chips proudly on display
(It's a Michigan "thing")
S'more Trail Mix Party Favors!
{Honey Graham cereal, mini marshmallows & chocolate chunks}
"Puffed" Pop Corn Movie Treats
"Camp Jammers' wants to Thank You for 'poppin' over"
Oh yes, a baking combination that is S'MORE right than you know!
And here's how you make it!

I made Old-Fashioned REAL lemonade
& pre-filled Mason Jars ready for the taking.
We also offered Water & a cooler full of Beer. 
-Roll cutlery in a napkin
-Take a plate
-Punch a hole in the side
-Attach napkin roll with ribbon
-Sit back & marvel at how smart people will think you are...
It wouldn't be REAL camping if Duct Tape wasn't involved somehow...
How could I NOT make this sign when I had giant
pieces of poster board lying around the house?!
Thread+needle+ballons=Easy Ballon Garland!
No Camp would be complete without a Swimmin' Hole
And don't forget about Arts & Crafts!
We prepped our collection of milk cartons with white spray paint,
cut a hole in the side, hot glued on popsicle stick shingles
& attached a twine loop to the top.
Then the kiddos got to paint their new bird house, it was a big hit!
We even included a bag of seed to take home :)
Sheet Fort:
Bags full of old sheets- check!
Rope & twine- check!
Ladder- check!
Clothespins- check!
Feeling like a kid again- Check!!
We topped of the festivities we a movie outside!
If you can get your hands on a white sheet
& a projector then you are good to go!
'J' even had his own little camping chair to sit in :)
And since it was HIS birthday we
watched his favorite movie, Cars
And last but not least, the Kiddie Camper Packs!
At "check-in" each Kiddie Camper recieved:
a personalized Camp shirt (tshirt was thrifted, then I jazzed them up)
a personalized water bottle (Michaels Crafts- $1)
a bubble wand/glow necklace for the older kids (Dollar Tree)
binoculars (Dollar Tree)
chalk (Target Dollar Spot)
snacks: AirHead, raisins, fruit snacks
Bandana (Handmade by my mum)
Here's what the back looked like:
"MALLOW out & have S'MORE fun!"
Camp Jammer, 2012
And there you have it. Well, you get the general idea at least.
We hope you enjoyed your stay at Camp Jammers, ya'll come back now ya hear!


  1. so much cuteness! love love love it! especiially the outside movie, what a great idea! i'm stealing that :)

    1. Thank you!! I was pretty jazzed about it :) And the movie was a huge hit, especially with the older kids. We brought out the treat baskets full of s'more mix, chip bags & puffed popcorn, along with some Kool-Aid to wash it all down. And idk if you saw it on IG, but I did indeed do candles & "Happy Birthday" at EVERY meal on his bday monday :) He now sings Happy Birthday whenever he sees a flame pretty much, lol!


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