Tuesday, July 24

Right Now.

We are going on another family "trip".

Only this time, there will be no hotel, there will be no house to stay at, hell... there may not even be beds...

Because, well folks, we are going

It is something we have been talking about & wanting to do all summer. Our first camping trip as a family. And thankfully enough our close friends are as crazy as we are to go camping with little tykes in tow. And our other friends are even crazier to go camping with friends that have kids when they very much do not. Ha! This ought to be interesting :)

So we rounded up the necessary items from family willing to lend it out, and everything else we just stole while they weren't looking. I made my master list, stocked up on food & last but not least, ordered a run through. What kind of "planner" would I be if I didn't make the Hubs do a trial run with a borrowed tent? A borrowed tent, mind you, that we will be setting up most likely at night...the opposite of day...as in daylight.
Even though we don't hit the road until Friday, I wanted to get this whole "Let's be reeeal sure we know what we are doing with this thing before we end up sleeping in the car because we did not in fact know what we were doing." thing out of the way. So after dinner & a quick run to the market to cross the rest of the food items off the list (hotdogs & s'mores here I we come!) we got to setting up the tent. 
'J' did such a good job not getting in the way too much helping & as it turns out, the Hubs did know what he was doing after all! It wasn't long before we quickly piled into our future home for the weekend.
And then we got to thinking... why stop here with our trial run? Why not let the fun last...all night. 
Impromptu Boys Backyard Campout here we come! Wa-Hoo!
And as an added bonus, this would also cross 'Inflate air mattress & check for possible leak(s)' off the list too! High Five me!
Aaand I was crossing off one that I was just adding to the list as I was crossing it off, 'Practice run with 'J' sleeping outside in a tent'! Man, I am on fire! Woo!
So the Hubby blew-up the mattress, loaded it up with bedding & when the time was right, they headed out into the night.
I hung out for a few minutes, enjoying the awesomeness that was happening right in my very own backyard.
Then I said my "Night Night"s & headed inside, leaving the Menfolk behind to sleep beneath the stars.
And as an added bonus, Hubs took the baby monitor out just in case...and I just happen to have a receiver right next to my pillow :) So as I settled into bed to write this post, I was delighted to hear the quiet conversations between a father & a son...on their first official Camp Out. 
Music to my ears.


  1. that is really awesome! we have been romancing the idea of a campout since last winter but i'm skeered! our new place has a huge backyard so maybe next month we'll try a backyard campout Mama Kat style :) have a fun trip!

    1. Thanks! We were really unsure how it would play out- would he freak out? Would he sleep thru the night? would he wake up in the middle of the night & have a melt down? Luckily though he went right to sleep & the only reason they woke on the early side is because of the loud-ass garbage truck one street over :/ Hoping the trip goes as smooth (minus the truck of course)!
      And I think you should totally have a camp out! Plus you can finally watch a movie outside before bed as an added bonus! its a win/win :)

  2. This was tons of fun. Mama Kat has to do it next time.

    1. well, the baby would have to join us too...unless you are going to volunteer to breastfeed during the night ;)


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