Saturday, July 21

Cookin' in the Kitch {No-Bake Peanut Butter Cup S'MORES}

You know those times when you're sitting there eating your Brown-Bag lunch or dinner or lovely little picnic that you packed & as the meal comes to an end your stomach says all innocent like "Oh man, I wish I had a s'more right now...that would be soooo good. Just the perfect end to this half-ass , err, I mean, wonderful meal you made me. *Sigh. louder SIGH* But you didn't pack one....that's really disappointing..."

What's that? You don't recall ever having a conversation with your stomach in which it made you feel like a failure? Oh...well, neither have I. I was referring to a friend. Yea, this girl I know... Her name's...Pat, YEA, Pat, that's right. I probably should have mentioned that before. Sorry.

Anywho, moving on....

So what is one to do if one finds oneself in such a situation?

Pack up a s'more for dessert you fool!
Ok, Fool was harsh, I'm sorry, I take it back. I just get real revved up over s'mores. I don't know what it is lately, but I can't seem to quit them. And then I go & realize what I should have realized a long time ago. You can take them with you!
No camp-fire?
No worries!
No microwave?
Not an issue here folks!
Because you can do them No-Bake {insert harps playing & angels cheering}

And THEN I go & take it a little further...& make it how I REALLY like it...
Peanut Butter Cup Style. That's right, you heard read me. What? Have you never substituted a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup in place of a chocolate square?!? How can this be?! For that, folks, is how you really eat a s'more.
Ok, enough chitchat, I'm pretty sure I had you hooked 93 words ago. So lets get down to biz-nass, shall we?
The key to making this 'peanut butter cup' 
spread that I found! Added bonus tip: try it on
Ice Cream...& don't forget the Marshmallow Cream...
I think you can handle that, right?
Load that graham up, don't hold back!
Try not to bite your fingers as you 
scarf this Bad Mamma Jamma down!!

Please don't hate me for changing your life FOR-EV-EERRRRRRR.

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