Some Backstory

This is weird, kinda like a one sided Blind Date.
So I assume you would like to know a little bit more about me/us, eh?

Ok, well if you missed the Introduction, here are some Highlights:

-Married my High School Sweetheart, whom I will refer to as "Husband", almost 13yrs after I first laid eyes on his handsome face.

-In our day to day life 'Husband' often calls me "My Love"/"Love" (*swoon*)

-J.W.H.S. (yes, he has 2 middle names) was delivered via csection in July of 2010 because he was stuck...Sideways! He has a serious Dairy Allergy, dimples that are often 'hiding', Blonde hair, Blue eyes and a contagious smile.

-A.M.S. was an all-natural, med-free, hypno-birthing VBAC in February of 2012 & it was amazing. He is quiet...unless he is HUNGRY, breaks your heart when he cries & melts your heart when he smiles, and is super cute.

-We have gotten Crunchier & Crunchier over the past couple years, which includes but is not limited too: cloth diapering, EBF, composting, gardening, walking to errands when distance/weather permits, recycling, chemical-free cleaning/laundering, wood stove for heat during the cold months, etc.

-We just embarked on the on Paleo Lifestyle. So far so good!

-We live in a 80+ yr old home in a small city near the heart of Downtown. We are the 3rd family to own/live in our little house. I don't ever want to move...'Husband' thinks otherwise...(about the house, not the locale) 

Anything else? Just ask :)

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