Saturday, March 31


Is NOT something I am saying today.
You will NOT read about us in the paper, or see our smiling faces in TV.
Although we may see ourselves as 'One in a Million'... The Mega Millions people do not agree with that statement.

Often over the course of the past year 'Husband' has mentioned the Lotto. A lot. And every time I tell him the same thing, "That's a waste of money we don't have to waste". And yet Thursday I was overcome with the feeling that we HAD to play. Not knowing it was a record setting jackpot (seriously, I didn't know) I went on their website to see how to play. Yes you read that correctly, I didn't even know how to play! I'm THAT anti-Lotto.

You can imagine the fire in 'Husbands' eyes when I casually say "We should get a lotto ticket...".
Stupidest. Idea. Ever. (right up there with Hammer Pants & rat-tails)
So instead of just getting A ticket, we got 5.
*hangs head in shame*

That's $5 I'll never get back.

My Knight in.... Flannel Pajamas?

This morning 'Husband' came to my rescue.

Did he fight off a Dragon for me? No.
Did he save me from the Evil Witch? No.
Did he win us the Mega Millions $640 mill jackpot?!?!?!? Sadly NO, but thats for another post.

He simply took both the boys downstairs, shut the bedroom door & let me sleep for a couple hours. To be honest he was really rescuing Everyone, seeing as how I had very little sleep the night before, Little 'A' was up a lot again last night & 'J' woke up early...again. But he took one for the team.

And on top of it all he had to go back into work last night for a project. So even though that meant I was on my own with 'A' (and his refusal to be laid down) until about 12:30, so tired I could hardly make full sentences, HE was working all night, then was also up with 'A' last night, AND THEN got up early with the boys, got 'J' ready, fed & out the door to music class shortly after I got up.

**My Hero**

Friday, March 30

Alls quiet as the rain falls

Shhh... you hear that? Nothing but the sound of rain falling on the window pane. *Is that a song lyric? If not it should be.* Back to what I was saying. It's quiet. Which can only mean ONE thing...the boys are asleep. Ahh.... This is bliss. Well, bliss after being up all night with Little 'A', and 'J' waking at 6ish for the day. And how am I spending it? (I'm going to give you credit and assume you answered correctly, because you are seeing how I spent it...making this Blog/Blog Post.) Not as productive as I should be, but I'm at peace with this decision.
Back to the 'rain on the window pane' I mentioned has quickly turned into Thunder and Hail on the window pane. Seriously? From one Mother to another, I swear Mother Nature, if you wake these babes there will be hell to pay. I may 'forget' to recycle a few items this week. I may just let the water run while I brush my teeth. I MAY just decide to drive all over the place instead of walking like we try to do.
Ahh, thats better. Nice and quiet again, I'm glad we could come to an understanding on this.


Stop me if you've heard this one before:

Girl meets Boy as Freshman in High School.
Boy ignores Girl & flirts with her Best Friend instead.
Then Boy sees the worst (& I mean WORST) picture of Girl (EVER!) & claims it was *love at first sight*...only he didn't realize he had not only seen Girl before, but he had already MET GIRL.
Years pass & Boy finally gets the nerve to talk to Girl...their Senior Year.
They fall head over heals in love.
After High School Boy breaks up with Girl they realize they want different things & go their separate ways.
Girl meets "New Guy" & marries young at a perfectly respectful age.
Boy parties a lot pursues his career.
Years pass & Girl & "New Guy" have some serious issues.
Girl & Boy re-connect online & become friends (JUST FRIENDS!)
Girl leaves "New Guy" & asks him to get counseling...he instead serves her with Divorce papers.
Boy helps Girl through Divorce with friendship & support.
Boy & Girl rekindle a 'long lost' Romance.
They marry in a Beautiful, intimate beach wedding at Sunset.
They are now known as HUSBAND & WIFE.
Knowing 'Wife' was told by specialists that she couldn't have kids, they try anyway...Right Away ;)
And sadly suffer a loss.
Then struggle, but FINALLY succeed again!
9 months later they joyfully welcome J.W.H.S. into their (growing) Family.
When 'J' is but a mere 10 months old they decide to add to the bunch.
*POW* Pregnant right away.
*SHOCK* It's another Boy.
*DUN DUN DUN* Pregnancy complications arise.
*HURRAY* He safely arrives 2 weeks early.
Add little A.M.S. to the roster.

And now 2+2=4 :)

...And that is how the story begins...
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