Saturday, March 31

My Knight in.... Flannel Pajamas?

This morning 'Husband' came to my rescue.

Did he fight off a Dragon for me? No.
Did he save me from the Evil Witch? No.
Did he win us the Mega Millions $640 mill jackpot?!?!?!? Sadly NO, but thats for another post.

He simply took both the boys downstairs, shut the bedroom door & let me sleep for a couple hours. To be honest he was really rescuing Everyone, seeing as how I had very little sleep the night before, Little 'A' was up a lot again last night & 'J' woke up early...again. But he took one for the team.

And on top of it all he had to go back into work last night for a project. So even though that meant I was on my own with 'A' (and his refusal to be laid down) until about 12:30, so tired I could hardly make full sentences, HE was working all night, then was also up with 'A' last night, AND THEN got up early with the boys, got 'J' ready, fed & out the door to music class shortly after I got up.

**My Hero**

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