Friday, March 30

Alls quiet as the rain falls

Shhh... you hear that? Nothing but the sound of rain falling on the window pane. *Is that a song lyric? If not it should be.* Back to what I was saying. It's quiet. Which can only mean ONE thing...the boys are asleep. Ahh.... This is bliss. Well, bliss after being up all night with Little 'A', and 'J' waking at 6ish for the day. And how am I spending it? (I'm going to give you credit and assume you answered correctly, because you are seeing how I spent it...making this Blog/Blog Post.) Not as productive as I should be, but I'm at peace with this decision.
Back to the 'rain on the window pane' I mentioned has quickly turned into Thunder and Hail on the window pane. Seriously? From one Mother to another, I swear Mother Nature, if you wake these babes there will be hell to pay. I may 'forget' to recycle a few items this week. I may just let the water run while I brush my teeth. I MAY just decide to drive all over the place instead of walking like we try to do.
Ahh, thats better. Nice and quiet again, I'm glad we could come to an understanding on this.

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