Saturday, March 31


Is NOT something I am saying today.
You will NOT read about us in the paper, or see our smiling faces in TV.
Although we may see ourselves as 'One in a Million'... The Mega Millions people do not agree with that statement.

Often over the course of the past year 'Husband' has mentioned the Lotto. A lot. And every time I tell him the same thing, "That's a waste of money we don't have to waste". And yet Thursday I was overcome with the feeling that we HAD to play. Not knowing it was a record setting jackpot (seriously, I didn't know) I went on their website to see how to play. Yes you read that correctly, I didn't even know how to play! I'm THAT anti-Lotto.

You can imagine the fire in 'Husbands' eyes when I casually say "We should get a lotto ticket...".
Stupidest. Idea. Ever. (right up there with Hammer Pants & rat-tails)
So instead of just getting A ticket, we got 5.
*hangs head in shame*

That's $5 I'll never get back.

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