Monday, July 16

Road Trip!

  When trying to figure out what to get 'J' for his birthday, we were kinda stumped. We really hated to just get another toy that would get tossed aside before you know it. And knowing that he would be getting a lot of new toys & play things from our family, we sealed the deal on "no toys". Then that brings us to clothes. He was pretty set in that department, aside from needing some little man undies soon (pretty sure this is gonna be a potty learning house in about a month! yikes!) Truth be told we would be fine not getting him anything at this young age, but as he gets older that wouldn't work as well.
Then one day back in April (yes, these are the things running through my head MONTHS before the event.) I saw a livingsocial deal for a Drive-thru Safari!! For $6/adult (and kids under 2 FREE) we would get to DRIVE THROUGH a safari of wild animals, feed them, observe them up close & enjoy a small walk-thru zoo! JACK-POT!!
Upon further investigation I discovered that this safari was only 20 minutes from a Great Wolf Lodge! Decision made: for his birthday we would take him on an Adventure :) My sister & niece decided to meet us there to join in the fun. So Friday morning we hopped in our already packed car & hit the road.
Little 'A' did really great in the car. It was about 2 hours to the Safari & he slept for half, then was content up until about the last 30 mins.
Dun Dun Dunnn...
We all jumped in one car & prepared ourselves for a Wild Adventure!
When they said "up-close" they meant "in your car"!!
 This Bison was determined to get a snack, even if that meant coming in the car & getting it himself! We were all a little nervous, excited & laughing at the same time.
 Yakkaty Yak, Don't talk back...
Since you can drive through as much as you like, we decided to hop in the car for one more trip before heading to the waterpark.
 Safari Girl & Boy, on the hunt for "aminals"
 What you can't see, is that little 'A' & I are about 2-3" below this Giraffe tongue!! What a way to end our Safari Adventure :) 

 Before we hit the hay we were treated 
to a Bed Time Story in the lobby
 'A' was lucky enough to pick up a new Alligator to 
add to his cuddle collection
As you can see, we were a bit worn out from non-stop Fun & Adventure!

We had so much fun! It was our first trip as a Family of FOUR & it was a success. We will definitely do this again, & I see Birthday Adventures becoming a new family tradition in this house :) Instead of a soon-to-be forgotten toy, how about a never-forget family trip? Yes, please~

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