Sunday, July 15


When I should be catchin' some "ZZZ's" I'm instead catchin' "I JUST WANT TO GO TO SLEEP's".

Last night, for example, went something like this...
Go to bed.
realize that the littlest Dude needs to eat & decide to just feed him now instead of falling asleep & be woken up 30 minutes later to do it.
get out of bed & nurse Little 'A'.
go back to bed.
lay there thinking it was really hot in his room.
get back out of bed & check the temp in the's HOT.
start trying to do everything we can to cool it down, including turning up his ceiling fan to the max, turning on the A/C & taking the little fan from our room & putting it in his.
go back to bed.
realize it is now SUPER HOT in our room since we are now sans fan & we get pretty much no air in our room.
make the decision to sleep in 'J's room for a bit, since his is the coolest of the 3.
get back out of bed & attempt to sleep on 'J's floor...his hardwood floor.
doze in & out for a couple hours until my body is screaming in pain from sleeping on a freaking floor.
go back to our bed hoping its a little cooler.
just fall asleep & 'A' wakes to eat again.
nurse the littlest dude.
go back to bed.
toss & turn because The Hubs is snoring.
'A' wakes to eat again (yea...he still feeds about every 2-3 hrs during the night**)
nurse, then back to bed.
just fall asleep & woken up by 'J' climbing into our bed (this is a FIRST).
since he does Kung-Fo in his sleep, I spend the next few hours clinging to the side of the mattress to keep from falling off.
'A' wakes again.
carry 'J' back to his bed.
try sleeping on his floor.
lasts 10 minutes.
back to our bed.
start to fall asleep.
Husband is snoring.
start to fall asleep, again.
Husband is snoring, again.
nurse the littlest dude again.
finally asleep.
then 'J' wakes up crying.
Husband takes him downstairs.
He continues to cry, loudly.
can't sleep.
go downstairs like a zombie.
they decide to go to the store for breakfast goodies.
I go back up to sleep.
head just hits the pillow & 'A' is up & hungry.
nurse the baby back to sleep.
lay back down.
start to fall asleep & the boys are back.
their entrance wakes the baby.
the baby wakes me.
Annnnd, I'm up.

Sadly I am not a "nap" kind of person. I either SLEEP or am AWAKE. There is no in between. Naps just make me MORE tired & MORE groggy. I wake up feeling like crap. Every once in awhile I take one, but that's more of a pass out from exhaustion than intended restful power nap. I do believe I will be passing out today when the boys take their nap, I can't imagine a scenario in which that doesn't happen.
I also believe we will be finally investing in a ceiling fan for our room. It is a realization that has taken me 3 years to come to terms with. The hold up was my love for the vintage light fixture in our room, the last straw...was last night.

Just another normal day night in the life of this mummy.

**I am willing to get up & nurse him as long as he needs. Do I like getting fragments of sleep every night? Not particularly. Am I willing to base a decision on MY wants instead of HIS needs? No. It won't be forever, I'll survive :)

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