Monday, July 2


Last week was busy, & this week is gonna be CRA-AZAY!

So I'm thinking ahead & am pretty darn positive that there won't be any action from me on this here little blog this week.


I will be back next week (hopefully) with a BIRTHDAY post, a KITCHEN UPDATE & maybe even a PORCH FINALE POST!!!!

And if you're good little girls & boys I may even toss in a new Cookin' in the Kitch post! Do you know what you get when you take 4 main ingredients toss it in a cup & micro that baby? No? Well I do so you'll have to wait until next week to see (*Insert evil laugh here*)

Wish me luck, fingers crossed I can survive the madness that lies ahead...


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Why Hello there, Darling/Sir :)
Can't wait to hear what's on your mind.
Type away, Friend, type away~

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