Thursday, June 14

Q & A with Pinkapotamus

I'm linking up with Pinkapotamus today for a little Q & A :)
It's for her 'Under 300 Followers Link Party' & even though I know I have a lot of followers based on the number of hits my site gets a day, for some reason all but 7 of you are doing it on the sly & haven't "officially" joined the blog or introduced yourselves.
¿por quĂ© no?
Are you in hiding?
It's ok, you can tell me, I can keep a secret.
Do you need a place to stay?
I mean, I don't really have a room or anything but I have a couch...& a dank musty basement. I guess you could stay here, but you'd have to give up dairy. I know thats a lot to ask, but come on now...I'm throwing you a pretty big bone hiding you out in my house, right? hop on the "Dairy-Free" train or find another railroad. But before you hop off remember to click 'follow' on the bottom right side. Ok? It's the least you can do for putting me out like that....

Back to the Q & A. Pinkapotamus asks:

1. If you were trapped on a desert island and could only bring 1 crafty item what would it be?
Does an airplane count as a craft item? I mean, someone MADE it piece by piece so it's kinda like a large scale model &  that's kinda craftish, right? No? Hmm, I think I would have to pick yarn then. I could fashion clothes, make a fishing net & hold together a hut. And I could also make little dolls to be my subjects, for I shall be Queen of the Land!!! Muahahah!
2. If your spouse (or significant other) made you chose between them and crafting .. what would you chose? {If you’re not a crafter imagine your favourite thing}
Wow, jumping right to the nity gritty on Ques 2?! Usually they save that for the end, but ok, it's your questions. I have to chose the Hubs, he's kinda a big deal to me...& the kids, don't forget about the kids! I don't know though, why is he giving the ultimatum? There must be a reason. Do I have a problem? With excessive crafting? Have they begged me to get help for the sake of the family, for the sake of the children?! It must be pretty bad if I haven't. Or have I & I couldn't stay on the wagon?! Wait- is the wagon good or bad? I always get confused by that. On the wagon, off the wagon. Who's driving this "wagon"? Maybe they were driving recklessly & I got off for my safety, not to use & it just so happened that I got dropped off in front of JoAnns. That's not my fault people. It's called Fate & you can't run away from Fate. 
3. What would be your Ultimate craft experience?
Not so much an "experience" as a life changing moment, but if I won some Ultimate Shopping Spree at Joann Fabrics & could take all the things I need/want/desire for free...without the police being called in & me being walked out in cuffs. Not that thats ever happened or anything...just saying.  
4. What is your favorite craft disaster?
Probably that one time I spent a lot of time making my ex-husbands mother, aunt & grandmother beautiful crystal bracelets & they didn't fit. Not one. So I had to remake all of them. This still happens to me, apparently I never learned my lesson. I recently made a newborn hat for a little girl, proudly went over & presented it to the new parents (it was one of my first hats so I was pretty jazzed) & when they went to place it upon her tiny little was waayyyyy to small. Stupid website that gave me the stupid "newborn size"....

And there you have it folks, if you like crafts & baking & the like, click this here little 'button' below to check out lots of blogs you may not have found yet. There may be a new "favorite blog" hidden in there...just promise not to like them more than me, ok? Remember that time you needed a place to hid out & I let you stay here? Just sayin' kind of owe me..that's all.


  1. I'm a new follower! I love your blog! It's so enjoyable to read. Our baby's stories are similar. I'm prego with my 2nd boy and my first was also sideways.


    1. Nice to meet you :) Wanna know something even crazier? I, too, am a licensed cosmetologist! Weird. AND both my boys have blue eyes....

  2. Love your answers! But nope, a plane isn't crafty unless it came out a little box, but then it wouldn't be much use!
    I can not believe we forgot the kids, eek!


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