Tuesday, June 19

Weekend Update

Sometimes it seems time is moving at a faster pace than I am, who am I kidding, it's MORE than sometimes...try always. How is it already almost July?! This week & weekend were no different, zip zap zow- gone. And the fact that it's already Tuesday, don't even get me started... I'll spare you a 50+ picture post & compromise with a 22 picture review of how we spent our Baby Daddy Father's Day Weekend~

Grab a treat, take a seat & enjoy the show...
Friday 'J' was a wonderful 'client' & let me cut his mop top while he snacked on Veggie Sticks & enjoyed a little "Canadian PBS" (< When we cut cable to help end the death grip tv seems to have on us all, we discovered we still got the basic primetime channels & because we are neighbors with Canada apparently we pick up what we have dubbed "Canadian PBS" which is actually a little better then our PBS. Thanks Neighbor!)

How A.MAZE.ING are these vintage shortalls we nabbed at Salvation Army?! We are most definitely doing 'J's 2 yr pics in these bad mamma jammas. No Doubt about that.
Believe it or not sometimes it's a GOOD thing that your kids get up around 6:30-7am, even on weekends. Its the perfect time to head out to Eastern Market for flowers, garden plants & fresh fruit & veggies. We scored these 3 giant flats, several replacement plants for the garden (we got bug problems y'all) & a couple bags full of fresh fruit & veggies for $35! Not too shabby. 
Then the Hubs & 'J' had some craft time while little 'A' slept & I...
worked on my dad's Father's Day prezzy. 
We filled it with golf tees & balls. The card is sporting an original 'J' masterpiece. And of course I go to buy just a little box of balls & discover that I couldn't buy one. No no, I had to buy a giant 25ct box. So after filling it with the bag of tees about FOUR balls actually fit in the jar. I did the classy thing & handed him the unwrapped box of remaining balls (still in the sporting store bag) after he opened the jar. 
Nuttin but the best for my Pa.
Saturday afternoon we headed out to a cookout with my FILs family to visit with an aunt & uncle in from Florida. I love this picture. 
The hubby rockin his SUPERDAD hat & 'J' on the right 
& my BIL & adorable niece on the left.
 Brothers. Friends. Fathers. Family. Love.
We got home in time for my niece Samantha to be dropped off for the big race Sunday morning! Yep, another 5K. We are kicking 5K's butt this summer. Hoorah! These are the shirts we stayed up making. 
I deconstructed my race tshirt into a less bulky workout shirt & I made the boys Pride Shirts to wear. It's Pride Week in our town & the 5K is to support acceptance & love for EVERYONE. The boys wore these to show the love for their "uncle" (my best friend) & his boyfriend (who will one day be his husband :)
After our baby alarm little 'A' woke up we couldn't wait to give hubby his Dad's Day Gifts :) He really is beyond amazing at being a Father, a Friend & a Role Model for the boys. We got him a box of Soap Stones to keep his classy drinks cold & a manly Double Blade razor & a set of blades. Since the razor didn't arrive in time, I had to draw a little picture of it. Frankly I was more proud of that little drawing I wiped up then I was when I actually thought to get the razor. Add that to my "things I'm good at list", awesome razor drawer.
This guy was ready to party. Stylin. 
Since the 5K was in our hometown we were actually able to walk to it. bonus! Here is Samantha & I in our event shirts, we were pretty proud, can you tell? haha.
Since it wasn't a 'competitive race' we signed up as "walkers".
At the starting line, We're ready!! 
And so were they!!
We walked 1/2 of it, & jog/ran the rest. In case you didn't see it on the shirts, this was called the "Rainbow Run", & that pink on the shirts...just the beginning. At every 1/2 mile point they threw colored powder all over you! It was pretty fun :)
Pushing 50+ lbs in a bike trailer definitely ups the 'workout' factor of a 5K, that's for sure! The hubs & I took turns, but he pushed it most of the race.
Samantha  I were pretty proud that we finished with the same EXACT time as our 5K last weekend, 51:28.0!!! This time it wasn't cross country or 90*, but the humidity was at 76% & we had to wait at a few crosswalks/traffic lights. 
And that folks, is why it's called the RAINBOW Run :) The color can be set into the shirts by ironing it before you wash it. We will definitely do this one again next year :)
'J' was glad to finally get out & stretch his legs. He did a GREAT job & didn't complain at all in the trailer, & best of all he kept his hands to himself & didn't poke at Little 'A'!
This little trooper hardly fussed & even took a short nap during the race.
After some celebratory Food Truck lunch we all headed home to take a nice long nap. Even though we all showered, you can see that the color lingered. Even 'J' & 'A' had a color mark from the hearts on the back of their shirts. Permanent marker on a shirt + sweaty kids= temporary tattoos.
We had to drag ourselves out of bed (& the boys too) to head out to meet with my family for a Father's Day Celebration. We surprised the Dads & met up at a bowling alley for some good ole' fashion fun. The tots were excited at first, then 5 mins later were so over bowling. haha. Then we went to my parents for a cookout to cap off our "I LOVE my Dad" Day. 

A fun filled, energy zapping, "where did the weekend go?" kinda time. But you know...that's just how we roll.

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