Sunday, May 27

Rise & Shine

This is everything we got done BEFORE 10am today.

*Hung our clotheslines & the diapers that we stripped
*Put together the rest of the Playscape
*Painted the light fixture for the re-vamped front porch
*Got the Picnic Table situated
*Cut the backyard, weed-whipped & trimmed fence line
*Set up the fire pit

Us-1, Sunday Morning-0

Let hope hope we can keep some momentum & get the rest of the weekend list crossed off!

Hmm...maybe I should go back to the list & add 'Write Quick Blogpost' so I can say I crossed another thing off...


  1. omg you guys are so industrious! clean house? fire pit? when can i come over??? :)

    ps i'm so curious about this paleo diet thing you're doing. how do you feel? have you lost weight? has it affected your milk supply? i'd be curious to try it except my husband is vegetarian so it'd have to be just me which would be a total pain but maybe worth it at least for weekdays breakfast & lunch! xxoo

    1. Ha, you should have seen it BEFORE that weekend! Yikes! And you & the kiddos are welcome anytime you want to trek out west to the Mitten :)
      As far the the Paleo lifestyle, it has really been great. I lost all my baby weight & a couple pounds extra so far. I had no milk issues until recently, but I think it is more from stress. I tried "taking one for the team" & eating some grains & a little dairy, but I felt like complete POOP & it made no difference other than poor A throwing up more than usual. I think he may be sensitive to dairy. So I'm on to plan B, drinking Mothers Milk Herbal tea in the a.m. with an occasional beer in the p.m. That seems to be working more. And I went back to "block feeding" where I only nurse on one side at each feeding. I don't follow it 100%, sometimes we're at a function that really has nothing but GRAINS! DAIRY! SOY! MORE GRAINS! & I need to suck it up & eat it so I don't affect my supply. And I had some issues giving up chocolate, so I eat Trader Joes Dark Chocolate bars that are dairy free. And their Gluten Free Brownie mix is to. die. for! Get it, add dried cranberries, coconut, allergen free chocolate chips & chopped nuts- hello, delicious!
      For Breakfast I have 3 eggs & a few pieces of bacon or sausage. Or I make a fritatta or almond pancakes. There are some really great recipes out there! Take a look at my Vegan/Paleo board on pinterest :)
      Let me know if you try it!


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