Tuesday, May 8

DIY Stain Remover {Review}

I always keep an eye out for DIY Home cleaners/Solutions. We're on a tight budget & anything that I can make myself may take a little more time/effort, but will save major $$ over time. 
I found this Stain Remover on Pinterest & knew exactly what to try it on. 'J' has a few standard white undershirts that had MAJOR collar stains, stains on the front & were overall really dingy.

The recipe is simple: 
mix one part Original Blue Dawn with two parts Hydrogen Peroxide, 
Apply to stain, 
Rub in a little,
Let sit,
Then toss in wash
As you can see, it didn't remove the major stains on the front.
But it did brighten them up and remove most of the collar stains.

Lessons learned:
It doesn't remove all stains, but does an ok job on lite ones & dinge.
Apply lightly, probably best if put in a spray bottle.
Hand rinse it BEFORE putting it in the wash, it took forever to rinse out all the soap in the load.

All in all, not bad. I will definitely try this again, especially on fresh stains.

If you try this out, let me know if it worked for you :)

RE-Review, click *HERE* to read the update!

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