Monday, May 14

Mothers day 2012

Happy Belated "Us" Day to all my fellow Mums out there :) 
Hugs & love to all those trying/struggling to become a mum. I've been there, I know how hard Mother's Day can be when you're in that situation. 
But I also know this :
Stay strong, & have faith. Things can & will change. It may not be the change you expected or imagined, but that doesn't make it bad.
Just because you haven't carried/delivered your own child, doesn't mean you aren't a Mother figure. Before having my kids I 'mothered' my nieces & nephews. I 'mothered' the little girl I nannied. I 'mothered' some of my younger cousins. Not only do I think I made a difference in their lives, but I know they made a difference in mine. They helped prepare me for the life I have today. 
So to All of you out there, Happy Belated 'Us' Day ~

Here is how we spent our weekend,

We started off Saturday by going out to breakfast,
which is a special treat we rarely do. Then headed
to Jamison's Music Class :)

After a tasty lunch of Beef Shawarma I
went to my "Surprise" Massage Appointment.
A much needed (& much deserved! lol) 
early Mother's Day Gift from my boys.
A say "surprise", because they called to confirm my
appointment friday afternoon! haha. So much for it being a secret.

Then we went to my in-laws to celebrate 
my MIL's 52nd bday. We had a great time hanging 
with the family & celebrating a wonderful lady.
We were all pretty exhausted by
 the time we finally got home.
Little 'A' & I had some late night cuddles
filled with lots of smiles, giggles & kisses
Then up early to pack the Clan up & meet my siblings 
at my parents church to surprise my mum. And yes,
she was surprised. She even cried a little :)
It was Jamison's first time going to a Nursery & he
did really well. We were nervous he would freak out a little.
I received this beautiful handmade card from my boys.
I made sure to wear my Grandmother's ring.
I always wear it on Special Days so that a 
part of her is celebrating with us.
After Church & Brunch at my parents house,
my crew headed home to grill dinner
& go for a stroll around town
We stopped & got a special treat, Vegan cupcakes
from the Cupcake Station, soooo good. 
Surprise Deal- they were buy 2 get 1 free!
Then we walked home, hand in hand
After the boys were settled in bed for the night,
the Hubs & I watched a movie. 

It was a VERY busy, non-stop weekend, but worth every minute. I got to spend every moment with my boys & family. They always show how much they appreciate me, but all the kisses & smiles seemed extra special this weekend :)

I hope you all felt as Special & Loved as I did, it's times like these that make all the "hard" days seems so much more manageable. And not just the love from my boys, but being able to shower our own mothers with love & special moments. To remind them that we may not be kids anymore, but we will always be their 'babies' & they are Forever our Mums.


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  2. it sounds like you had an amazing Mother's Day weekend! i feel like i got the sneak preview because i recognize quite a few of those pics from IG :) and your comments to mommies struggling to conceive are just dead-on perfect <3 we tried for four years to have Otto, lots and lots of intervention and heartache during those years, and it sounds like you guys might've gone through that too? when you're in the thick of it, it feels so sad, so low, and i always think of people who are going through that and how hard Mother's Day can be. but then there is a light at the end of the tunnel and when you finally get to be a mother, through IVF or IUI or adoption or whatever, it's like you appreciate every second, even the really hard ones, so much! there's nothing like it on earth, right? xoxo sorry to comment vom all over your blog!


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