Wednesday, May 9

Pure Gold, Baby.


It seems I am at a cross-roads.

Somewhere along the way I kinda got "anti-birthday". Let me clarify that, I kinda got "anti-MY-birthday".

It's not in some "woe is me, I'm getting old & can't handle it" kinda way, it's in a "I could care less that its my birthday & there really is no reason to make a spectacle of it" kinda way. The only thing I actually still enjoy about my "day" is that I share it with my beloved grandma. She is one of my most favorite people ever. Ever ever. We made a pact that every year I get a year older & she gets a year younger. She has definitely held up her part of the bargain, because she is 82 & still kickin' it like a 50+ yr old. I kid you not, she still volunteers as a nurse. A profession she has been doing for a solid 60+ years.

True Story:
The first time my sister got married her (now Ex) Husbands grandma got her Granny Panties in a bunch because she was younger than my gma, but looked twice as old & didn't want to be in pictures together.

Well, I'm getting off topic here.
The cross-roads.
As much as I hate celebrating my birthday, & even though I gave 'Husband' explicit instructions NOT to do anything for it this year...
I just realized today that its my Golden Birthday.
I turn 30 on the 30th.

So do I? Or don't I?

My "anti" status came from several years of crappy birthdays, I eventually just gave up. What's that? You want examples? OK- passing kidney stones & a bursting ovarian cyst at the same time (while trying* to get knocked up so didn't want to take any pain meds), pregnancy complications & getting put on bedrest, a sibling deciding to host a separate party ON my birthday because it was on a Saturday!

Did I forget to mention that my birthday is October 30th? The day before Halloween, or as we in Michigan call it "Devils Night". So that also brings up the issue of everyone always wanting to only go to a party if the dress code is: Costume Only. And this year my bday falls on a Tuesday. How lame is that?!

What to do, what to do?
I guess I should be leaving that up to the Hubs, cause I'm not gonna plan my own party! Well, let's get real here folks, we all know that I will plan every detail of my own party & just tell everyone that Hubs did it so I don't look like a lame-o control freak. Such is the Life of a Type A personality.

I guess you'll just have to wait 5 months to see what I end up doing...

*Even though the ER doctor was insistent that I was NOT pregnant & got extremely irritated when I refused to have any xrays done or to take any pain meds, I was INDEED PREGNANT with 'J'! About 3 days to be exact. In yo' face doc! Boo-Ya! Mother's Instinct wins again.

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