Monday, May 7

Photo-A-Day; May

It's crazy how fast the week/month flies by when I do this Challenge. We're already into the 2nd week of May! One things for sure, I need to start deleting a lot of pics off my phone, it's filling up fast!

Here they are, enjoy~
DAY 1; Peace
Both boys napping, Ahhh...
Peace & Quiet
DAY 2; Skyline
I was a day late on this one, oops...
DAY 3; What I wore
The essentials for a trip to the zoo
DAY 4; Fun
'J' had a fun time playing with his 
new Color Clip Cards I made him :)
DAY 5; Bird
Cluck, Cluck
DAY 6; You
It's me, myself & I.
Getting ready for our Anniversary Date Night

Check back next Monday for pictures from Week2!
Until then, heres a sneak peek of the words:
someone that inspires you
a smell you adore
something you do every day
a favorite word
something that makes you happy

Need a reminder of May's Photo Challenge? Click HERE.

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