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Craft On! {Monogram Door Decor}

It took an extra amount of effort to get this post up, but I managed & here we are, reading it together (*imagine I'm sitting next to you....wait, that's creepy...never mind, forget I mentioned it...moving on...back to whatever we were talking about before this got weird...)

We're in the midst of a Front Porch Freshen-Up! A couple weekends ago we got to work- taking everything out, wiping & sanding down the trim & damaged areas, getting out the paint (that we bought a year ago for this project!) & gettin PUMPED for this make-over!! Annnndddd.......then we had to go to a family thing, put all the stuff back & haven't touched it since. This is becoming our M.O. with house projects, have I mentioned the year long kitchen remodel? Yea, still not finished...a year people...a FULL year.
So, to motivate us me I decided to whip up a little something special. A Fun, Frugal Monogram Decor for the Front Door (go on, say that 5 times fast, do it- I double dog dare ya)!!!
This entire project cost me less than $5!! You can get craft letters from most craft stores now, but I got mine at Joann Fabrics along with a small, wooden flower. I gave the flower a coat of white paint & painted "Welcome" on it. You could personalize it with your last name or a holiday greeting if you make a seasonal monogram. There are a LOT of possibilities. I grabbed a skien of yarn from my stash, a few colored felt sheets & my handy dandy Hot Glue Gun. Let's get started:

You will need: Cardboard letter, 1 skien of yarn,
Hot glue gun & clear packing tape
I cut 4.5" pieces of yarn to cover each 'end'
 (It took 15 for each end of my S)
covered the ends & secured with tape.
Then wrap yarn from one end to the other,
secure tails with a dab of hot glue.

Flower 1
You will need: Felt sheet(s), scissors & hot glue gun
Cut a strip of felt at 1.5" thick (the height will determine
the length/fullness of the petals, the length of felt strip
will determine how big/small your flower is)

Fold the strip in 1/2 & secure seam w/ dabs of hot glue.
Snip the strip from one end to the other (you can do this
on a diagonal or straight depending on the look you want)
Then roll up your strip, securing w/ hot glue as you go.
Flower 2
You will need: Felt sheet(s), scissors & hot glue gun
Cut a square from the felt
(bigger the square the bigger the flower)
Round off the corners to make a circle, then starting
at the outer edge, cut into a spiral. Slowly get wider
as you cut, leaving a 'bulb' in the middle.
Roll up your spiral, starting at the smallest end.
Stop rolling when you reach the 'bulb', secure at that spot
w/ a dab of hot glue. Then cover the base w/ hot glue
& fold the 'bulb' flap over to cover the base.
Flower 3
You will need: Felt sheet(s), scissors & hot glue gun
Cut 6 "flower" shapes from felt, you can make as many
scallops on the edge as you'd like.
STEP 1 requires 5 of the flower "petals".
Use a petal as the Base, fold petal #1 in half, matching
the middle point of the fold over the middle point of the base.
Secure the bottom 1/2 of #1 to the base w/ a dab of hot glue.
Fold #2, placing the top 1/2 of #2 over the bottom 1/2
of #1, secure to base w/ a dab of hot glue.
Continue w/ petals #3 & #4, tucking 1/2 of #4
under the exposed 1/2 of #1.
Take the final 'petal' & pinch in the middle,
place a blob of hot glue in the center of the
4 petals, place pinched tip in glue.
Then take a few small pieces of contrasting
felt (or small button/bead) & glue in the middle
(I apologize for the bad pics, it was late & I was tired! lol)
And what do you have?
A welcome sign that is sure to put a
smile on your visitors faces :)
Hopefully soon I will be able to post pics of my new door decor on our freshly painted door in our newly updated front porch!!! One can only hope, OR one can get off ones ass & just get the thing done already...either way

I hope you have fun with it & Keep On Craftin' On!

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  2. I want to do one of these:) I so need something on my door and wish for something completely different:) Just dropping in from the hop to invite you to link up any of your posts to Freedom Fridays:) So hoping to see you there!

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