Friday, May 18

The post that almost wasn't...

See the screen in that pic? 
"What's wrong with it?" you're asking?
Well, that screen had been filled with words, lots & LOTS of words!! 
Gone. Ka-put. Disappeared. Vanished. Gone. Gone. Long Gone.

When you spend you're entire day entertaining 2 kiddos, you don't have much free time to sit & type out all those pesky words. So when you DO take 5 mins here, 10 mins there, over the course of an entire day to type up a post, it's pretty numbing when you accidentally do something (and I'm still not clear what that something was) & they all disappear. 
Of course this was about 1 min after I had done a final proof-read & triumphantly declare that I was "indeed going to bed early tonight!"
then *POOF* 
change of plans...

I stayed up & re-wrote half of it. Then went to bed disgusted.

Which brings us to today. I finished it & am moving on.
Upward & onward, my friends...upward & onward (while still carrying a little bit of hate towards my computer & was a team effort that took down that post, stupid technology...) 

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