Thursday, May 24

DIY Stain Remover- RE-Review

So you may remember my post a little while back about the Homemade Stain Remover that I tested out on 'J's dingey white undershirts. 
Click HERE for a refresher.
All caught up now?
Back to the Re-Review. I hadn't given up hope that this would help around the house. While out in my shopping travels I even picked up a small travel size spray bottle just for this purpose, to fight the good fight...against stains.

The time came one day when I let 'J' have a tiny bit of slurpee to taste & it inevitably ended up all over his shirts (not while he was drinking it, when there was about 2 TBS left & he managed to dump it all over himself & the front porch...). So I put them in the tub & sprayed them down with Out SPOT Out! (yea, I named it...) & scrubbed with a nail brush & left them to sit. Ten minutes went by & I rinsed as much soap out as I could. Wasn't that much difference. So I let them sit some more...about 36-48hrs more... (Oh how I would love to say that it was intentional, but sadly it was not. We got so sidetracked that we forgot about them for a couple days, eek). Then we tossed them in the wash and.....


I was stoked! I gave it a 2nd chance & it proved itself to be a WINNER!

Then today came.... & with it came the discovery of my Lip Tint & her introduction to our micro-fiber couch. They met, they hit it off, & she definitely left a lasting mark on him. I tried water right was a laughable attempt. 

Then a thought occurred.
What if?
What if I try Out SPOT Out?
Maybe, just maybe....

YES!!!! Eureka!! It worked. No joke folks, the above picture was taken less than 30 seconds after spraying/rubbing the stain with Out SPOT Out. Thats how fast acting it was.

Not only am I glad to have my couch back spot free, but I now am armed with a miracle spray. 

Stains beware, I'm packing heat better hide.

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