Friday, May 25

Mail Call!

Got something ultra fun in the mail today!!!
I came across these little gems a few days ago & could hardly contain myself. 

3 days later they were at my door step with my name proudly plastered across the top! And you are never going to believe how much they cost. Go on, guess...
They were $3.78 total. 
That's right, I said TOTAL!!!! With tax & shipping, which apparently was rush shipping because it came from 3 days!

'J' & I tried them out this afternoon at lunch time. Judging by the excitement in his eyes I am not the only one delighted by these little cutters :)

I foresee these little beauties getting quite the workout in my kitchen.
*Click HERE for link*

So friends, what have YOU gotten in the mail lately? Be a friend, share your finds!


  1. I love love love your blog! I just purchased myself some of these cutters, the girls will love them! Can't wait to continue reading... You are a great Momma��. Love your long lost friend Amber

    1. Oh, thanks Amber!!! So glad you found it, I haven't really told very many "real life" friends/family about it yet since it's still kinda new. I should probably let the 'kat outta the bag' soon I guess, lol! We need to get together soon!
      Love, your original BFF Kat

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