Wednesday, May 16

Cookin' in the Kitch {Nutty Nana 'Milk' Shake}

If I haven't mentioned it before, we are a Dairy-Free House.

'J' was diagnosed as a newborn with Severe Dairy Allergy. So, as a general precaution, we don't keep dairy in the house so there are no accidents.

*not to get off topic here, but I need to say an FYI:
Eggs are NOT dairy.
I assumed this to be common knowledge, but since dealing with the Dairy Allergy we have encountered person, after person, after person, that thinks Eggs are a DAIRY product. I'm sorry, but when you find a COW that lays EGGS, please, let me know. I have been told (all matter-of-factly), "Well, they are in the Cold/Dairy Section at the grocery store!". If that's the case then Jello is also Dairy. And Fresh Pasta Noodles. And Orange Juice. I have seen all of these items in the same section. 

Ok, back on track. Instead of drinking Cow Milk (which I personally have always found disgusting) we drink Almond Milk. If you've never had it, you should try it. Homemade Hot Cocoa made with Almond Milk- superb! 

We went through a pretty lengthy Fruit Smoothie phase. We made lots of different variations, but the main ingredients were fresh/frozen fruit, frozen spinach, almond milk, soy yogurt (optional). 

Now we have a new favorite:
Nutty Nana' "Milk" Shake
1c Almond Milk (I use Original)
1 Banana, broken into pieces
1 1/2 TBS Cacao (I use an Organic one from our local Health Food Store)
1/4 tsp vanilla (omit if using Vanilla Almond Milk)
2 TBS Almond Butter
2 tsp toasted Flax Seed (Get mine at Trader Joes)
healthy sprinkle of cinnamon
handful of ice

 Add all ingredients to blender
 Blend until smooth
Drink, Enjoy, Smile

If you really want to kick it up a notch, add some chocolate coconut or almond ice cream for a yummy night time treat!Oh yea, that's the stuff.



  1. we aren't dairy free now but had a 5 year vegan stint in our wild and crazy youth... anyways i am mad obsessed with vanilla almond milk. this smoothie sounds awesome! ps. jello isn't dairy?

    1. Weelll, technically Jello (at least the gelatin part of it anyway) isn't "dairy" its an "animal product" because its made from the marrow. So 'J' can have it, but Vegans steer clear. On a side note: he has actually never had it because the Hubs thinks its disgusting, haha!
      We have an "Ice Creamery", Cupcake Station & Bakery in town that make AMAZING Vegan treats. Like Chocolate Peanut Butter Vegan Icecream (coconut milk), Vegan cookies & brownies, & Vegan Cupcakes (like lemon blueberry!). The 'wild & crazy younger you' would have really dug it ;)

  2. Thank you for stating so clearly something that has been driving me NUTS! Is it our education system is that poor now? I tell someone I am allergic to all forms of dairy and they assume I am allergic to eggs! How do they make that connection? Chicken, ducks, birds do NOT give milk, so why do so many younger people think if you are allergic to dairy you are allergic to eggs automatically? I do realize many people are allergic to eggs, but they have no connection to dairy. These are separate allergies. Thank you for posting this

  3. I made your recipe with a couple of modifications, and it was DELICIOUS! Thank you! :) I was looking for something similar to the nutty nana shake my mom used to make when I was younger, and this was a wonderful dairy-free version. Thanks!


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