Tuesday, September 18

Little Learn & Play Academy {Week 2}

Welcome back, boys & girls :)
Week #2 in our little Learn & Play room went really well & was spent with
 the Letter Bb, the Number 2 & the color ORANGE

Wanna take a peek?
Monday's craft was ORANGE Painted Wax Leaves :) 'J' painted a piece of wax paper & we pressed a second sheet on top. After it dried a little we traced leaf cookie cutters on it & I cut them out. We taped them on the window to admire them in the shining sun.
We've been working on our B's....I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty good for a 2 yr old!
 Wednesday we headed to the Library for Story Time. I was happy to hear that the topic for the week was "Ones & Twos", how perfect for us! Later that evening for dinner we made homemade Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese Leaves :) The perfect dinner to cover our lessons so far, Two Fall Leaves, One bowl of Red Soup , & Orange Cheese :)
Thursday we took our craft with us to my sister's for a Playdate :) My SIL & nephew joined us & we helped the kids make Fall Placemats! They decorated sheets of construction paper with foam fall leaves & pretty crayon doodles, then I used our heat-less laminator to seal them. Such a fun & simple project. 
In Kitchen Class friday we learned how to make pie crust (using this simple recipe). While it chilled in the fridge we enjoyed a tasty lunch of Cheesy Leaf Melts :) Cheese, turkey slices & pepperoni sandwiched between tortillas & heated in the skillet. They were a BIG hit. Later in the afternoon we rolled out our dough & made mini fruit pies! 
(press dough into cupcake pan, fill with fruit filling, top with dough rounds, bake in 375* oven for 15-17 mins)

It is so satisfying every time I notice him repeating something we have covered in our lessons. Knowing that he is not only learning, but that I am teaching him valuable knowledge. 

Know what else is satisfying? Those tasty fruit pies ;)

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  1. Those pies look amazing! I love your lessons with J :) I can't wait until Christian gets old enough to do some of these things with him!


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