Tuesday, September 4

School House Rock

Well, the day has come!

Today is 'J's first official day at "school". We were able to finish up our new classroom (of sorts) on Labor Day, & we did it together as a family. Here are some snapshots I took & I'll have more to come after today! If you know me by now, then you know I am definitely one of those mums, the one that takes a picture of her kid on his very first day of school...even if they don't leave the house because "school" is in the backroom.
Yea, that's me.
"Crazy Over Enthusiastic Mum?"
<raises hand> "Present!"
Lesson Planning
Weekly & Monthly Plans
 Daily Activity Center
 All Months, Days, Colors, Letters, Numbers & Weather Drawings are secured with Velcro so he can change them daily/weekly/monthly
 Notice those tighty whities? 
We've entered Potty Learning Territory, yikes!
(Dry-Erase Board is by Crayola)
The bar & cups are from Ikea, the supplies are a mixture of Dollar Store & target. My favorite (& his!) are the Crayola No-Drip Watercolors

RRR-IIIIIIIIIINNGGG! That's the bell, gotta get to class!


  1. J's classroom looks AMAZING!!!! I love the IKEA cups and rails! I have some of those in my kitchen but I think I will be looking for some to put in C's little corner. Happy 1st day of school!

  2. Thanks! It was a lot of fun getting it all set up :) School went pretty well today, but it was in between potty learning, so I didn't put too much stress on it (or us!). Still, it was a success in my book!

  3. Happy first day! That set up looks awesome! Go over-enthusiastic-mama go!


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