Thursday, September 20

The change....

Without a doubt, 
Hands down,
My absolute favorite time of year.
I am so pleased with my Fall Mantle. In the three years we have been here this is the first time I have really done my mantle up. I have put up stockings for the holidays, & changed out some candles for spring/summer. Last fall I had a few leaves & mini gourds. But this, this is a real mantle. 
I'm even more pleased with the cost! I did this all for less than $30!! Bunting & giant photo included! I found some fab bargains at Hobby Lobby (it was my first time!), reused/upcycled some stuff from around the house & got those Dollar Store leaves/mini gourds back out from last year. Just under $20 at Hobby Lobby covered the fake flowers, fabric & binding, wooden acorns, pumpkin & little black crow. The 20x30 print was less than $10 at Costco!
Then I whipped up a little felt garland for the china hutch so it didn't feel left out of the festivities. And I will enjoy every day that I get to look at it, up until December 1st. Then we'll sweep up the leaves & celebrate the snow. 
Next on the Fall To-Do list... try my hand at Pumpkin Soup....

Do you go all out on your mantle? If you don't have a mantle, is there a special room or area you tend to focus on? Any tips for low cost decor you wanna pass this way?

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