Tuesday, August 7

20 Chore Tuesday! {UPDATED}

Welcome back boys & girls,
It's Week TWO of 20 Chore Tuesday!

20 chore tuesday
I made sure to sit on my butt ALL week & not do anything so that I was able to make a full list today ;) 
You know, just doing what I can so I can throw it all back in 'Tuesday's face like *BOOM* in yo' face Tuesday! I just kicked your ass & your friend "House Chores" ass too! {insert victory dance & Champagne popping here}

As always I'm linked up to the ever lovely Emily over at Joyful Abode, if you haven't ventured over & checked her out yet, shame on you... you're missing out.

So let's get down to the knitty gritty...
If you show you mine if you show me yours...
Ok, I'll go first...
"The List"

- Sweep kitchen
- Steam Kitchen
- Sweep dining/living room
- Steam D & L
- Sweep steps
- Sweep bedrooms

- Change our sheets
- Change 'A' sheets
- Change 'J' sheets
- Remove toy overload from 'J's room
- Clean off our dresser

- Clean downstairs Loo
- Clean upstairs Camode

- Wash table cloth
- Put table back together
- Clean off China Hutch
- Dust coffee table
- Dust side table
- Dust China Hutch
- Straighten up Learn & Play room

I have a nifty little App that I LOVE called Cozi. It's a full family organizer that you can access from multiple phones & computers so everyone can stay connected. And of course it's FREE, cause thats pretty much the max I'll pay for an App. Trust me, "The list" looks much nicer on there, but the screen shots I took on my phone had a lot of overlap, so I decided to just do a quick rundown. As usual I will post progress pics throughout the day on Instagram & will update at the end of the day here to let you know who won the battle....Me or the List... DUN DUN DUUNN.

*If you are feeling like you're up to the Challenge, go ahead & link up! Don't have a blog? No worries, leave your list in the comments below so we can cheer you on! Or show your progress on IG, be sure to add the hashtag #20choretuesday & tag me (@mama_kat) so I can see you kick 20 Chore Tuesday to a pulp! 

Well, at 2:30pm I officially finished kicking some house cleaning arse!! I completed all 20 tasks & a few extra in the process. *KA-BAM* Take that, 20 Chore Tuesday! Here's a little picture* proof that I didn't just cross stuff off a list...I actually did the stuff I crossed off.
Commodes, cleaned!
Table cloth washed & table set!
Learn & Play room cleaned!
Floor swept & steamed, tables cleared & dusted!
China Hutch cleared off & dusted!
Jamison's sheets changed, room swept & cleaned!
*Photos taken on my iPhone

See ya back next week! Until then, relax & let it all pile up...it can wait till Tuesday ;)

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