Tuesday, August 21

"Clean Yo' House Up Tuesday" (UPDATE x5)

Welcome back boys & girls to 20 Chore Tuesday, Vol 4.

20 chore tuesday
After not really committing to the Full 20 last week, then going out of town for the weekend, this casa is in desperate need of a clean sweep. Somehow the boys must have sensed this & little 'A' was up 8 times last night, nursing for 5 of them. Not wanting to be left out, 'J' got up at least 4 times. I'm dragging a little, to say the least, but really want to get the job done today. There can be only one winner, me or the house, & I'm not going down without a fight!
As usual I took the liberty of linking up "the list" with Emily & her Joyful Abode. Whether you have been following along for a while, or this is your first visit, feel free to join in! Just jot down 20 things you want to get done, & do it! Pretty easy, right? They don't all have to be "chores", heck sometimes making myself stop to eat lunch feels like a chore! Am I right, or am I right? 
If you think 20 is not yet in your reach, don't fret, just do what you can. Or, if you think 20 is a breeze & you want a REAL challenge, by all means link up & share your MEGA list!! Whatever way you roll, let me know you are playing along so I can cheer you on :) And be sure to link up you list with Emily too so you can get MORE cheerleaders. 
And now, the moment you have all been waiting for, "the list"
  1. Sweep
  2. Steam mop
  3. Clear dining table
  4. Clear side tables
  5. Dust side tables
  6. Organize Craft Nook
  7. Clean Kitchen
  8. Clean Learn & Play Area
  9. Clean Windows
  10. Clean couch
  1. Sweep steps
  2. Clean J's room
  3. Change J's sheets
  4. Clean A's room
  5. Change A's sheets
  6. Change our sheets
  7. Put away clothes
  1. Call Ped about Rx
  2. Make dinner
  3. Pack up unneeded baby items
(If you have been following along all month, then you may have noticed that certain things on the list keep carrying over. The simple answer is: they are things that get done a LOT, so if I'm cleaning, they are gonna be on the list. I'll try to switch it up a little next week...maybe...we'll see...no promises...)
And don't forget to check back later to see the UPDATED list. 
Did I? 
Didn't I? 
Only one way to find out... 
See ya later gator
#1; 10am check-in: 
clear dining table
clear side tables
dust side tables
clean windows
call ped about Rx (left message)
pack up unused baby items
*All crossed off "the list"!

#2; 12pm check-in:
clean 'J's room
change 'J's sheets
clean 'A's room
change 'A's sheets
put clothes away 
(also made/ate lunch with the boys, put the boys down for naps, unpacked from our weekend away)

#3; 2pm check-in:
organize Craft Nook
clean Learn & Play area
clean kitchen
sweep stairs
(baby woke up at 1 so add that to the list ;)

#4; 4pm check-in:
called ped (again)
started dinner
*'A' is putting the Fuss in Fussy McFusserson & it has been a nursing & cuddles marathon. Which means the list is on hold until the Hubs gets home to lend a hand, preferably two hands & two arms. 

#5; 7pm check-in:
Soooo, Hubster came home not feeling so hot. Which means I'm most likely done for the day. I still have hopes of getting the furniture cleaned after the boys go to bed so it can dry overnight. We'll see. I DID cross 'make dinner' off the list though. As of now I finished 17 out of 20. Not to shabby. Pat Pat... <-patting myself on the back, cause I deserve it!


  1. Good luck! I decided that no matter what I get done today off the list, I can feel good since yesterday was the laundry spectacular after our vacation. :)

  2. 17 out of 20 sounds amazing! I give you a "pat pat" as well. :)


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