Tuesday, August 14

Clean yo' house Tuesday

20 chore tuesday

So today is yet again 20 Chore Tuesday, but I have a busy morning/afternoon & don't see that happening, so I am making a condensed list of things I would like to get done today- no pressure.

-Fold laundry
-Fold laundry
-Fold laundry
-Fold laundry (this gets 4 marks...for the 4 loads sitting in the living room...ugh)
-PUT AWAY folded laundry (this is always where I stall)
-clean up craft room (total bonus, not important or necessary in any way)
-grocery shop
-put away cloth diapers
-wash remaining laundry (2-3 loads)
-work on embroidery piece
-write blog post about allergy testing

There, 11 things. Not outrageous, & not lazy. And I am also highlighting & cutting my mums hair, so that's a chunk of my morning, but I'll see what I can do. Again, no pressure....

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