Monday, August 6

Breast is Best

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, I was inspired by Emily at Joyful Abode to share one of my favorite pictures.
I am so glad to have captured this moment with little 'A'. He was less than a week old & right after setting up a shot during his Newborn Photo shoot with the amazing Anne, of Anne Kern Photography, he was hungry. So we stopped right there & I stood & nursed him. Then it hit me, why aren't we taking these pictures too? This is an important moment for my son & I. So I asked & she delivered. This is, by far, the prettiest of all my nursing photos with my babies. For instance I didn't take it myself so 1/2 my body isn't cut out or anything. And I love how soft & natural it is, with us skin-to-skin wrapped together as one. I actually have this print hanging in a frame in his nursery.

I am lucky enough to have photos of the very first time I nursed both my boys, as well as a photo from the very last time I nursed 'J'.
 It is definitely not as pretty as the one above, but beautiful in its own right. I had made sure the camera was on the nightstand the night before, & woke the Hubs up to take it that morning, Easter 2011. I look like I was run over by a truck & could barely open my eyes, but there is so much love in that picture. And sadness. I was actually really sad to end our nursing relationship. I did it on recommendation from my OB so that we could start trying for little 'A'. Because I have an extensive medical past that made it very difficult to get pregnant, he felt I needed at least three months post nursing to level out my hormones before we even started trying. We were VERY wrong. I slowly weaned 'J', then finally got my cycle back a month later, & got pregnant right away. It makes me sad to think back on it, knowing that it wasn't necessary to stop nursing him that soon. I will not make the same decision this time around. I won't make that choice myself, I will let 'A' make it with me. It may be my body making the milk, but its his body that needs it.

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

'A' is celebrating the way he does everyday, with some nice, fresh milk.
Cheers ;)

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